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What is the main function of a supervisor or ‘the Boss’? We can come up with countless ideas on the main function of a boss. However, it is widely accepted that the main function of a boss is to motivate.

The boss need not to be present every time to see the employee working properly.  So, let’s look around and see who is the great boss around us? We can find answer in our family.

The best bosses are…. Read the rest of this entry »

Leadership is art of dealing with issues, challenges and various situations. (In previous post, we noted that instead of using the word ‘problem’, successful people use the words: situation, challenge or opportunity).

In a research conducted at Stanford University, researchers examined the annual performance appraisals of hundreds of presidents and chief executive officers of Fortune 1000 companies i.e. those who are considered as the most successful executives in every business or industry.

The experts looked at what had been written about the executives from the time they started work, searching for the common characteristics of top people. This study revealed that top executives had two dominant qualities in common. The first was the ability to Read the rest of this entry »

Are successful people problem free? 

Let’s think about all the successful people whom we are aware of: Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or any other successful person around us –

Do we think they don’t have any ‘problem’?. Certainly, life is full of problems. The question is: what is the vocabulary of successful people when they use to define their problem.  

Let’s start from the vocabulary of successful people. Do they use the word ‘problem’ again and again during their conversation?

The way we think about our problems determines our attitude, or approach, as well. We can use three words to change our attitude and our approach to any difficulty we face.

First of all, let’s change the word “problem” to the word Read the rest of this entry »

People dream – people desire – people make resolutions on December 31 and yes, on our birthdays – we do think about our goals. The key question: What happens next? We want to reduce weight or we want to study for further educational qualification – we want to start exercise but………..

but…….. very few people take action! Why? How can we set and monitor our goals effectively and that too, by investing only ‘one minute’? Read the rest of this entry »

I read a simple but life-changing book called “Don’t Sweat the small Stuff – and It’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.

To say the least, it changed the way I looked at things – forever. I recommend this book to anyone who tries and lives ‘life’ – or whatever is left of it – and is constantly dissatisfied, demotivated, hurt, confused with whatever is happening around us.

 Some of the tips that I really loved in the books were: Read the rest of this entry »

Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki?

Author of the book ‘ Choose or be chosen’ has contributed today’s post about his book – an article specially for young people looking for jobs and taking up interviews:

 Everyone with a reasonable saving can buy a Suzuki but very few can afford to buy Mercedes while having the want to HAVE it. That’s how Mercedes has positioned itself in the world of car market.

Why is this so? Read the rest of this entry »

Think and Grow Rich

I always thought that a person should work hard, earn more and grow rich.

However, Napoleon Hill suggests that first, change your thinking if you want to earn money and become rich. Once ‘organized thinking’ is cultivated, achievement of the goal to beome rich turns easier! Do you believe this?

Generally it is considered that being rich means being wealthy i.e. having lots of money. However, in the all time best-selling book: Think and grow rich, Mr. Hill has advocated that all the blessings of almighty including our ability to work, a sense of happiness, joy, peace of mind, strength, courage, wisdom and of course money – all are ‘riches’ and hence, one can achieve richness by ‘thinking’ first and then working towards them.

Think and grow rich is the book which took 25 years in making!

Story of the book is quite fascinating. Read the rest of this entry »

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