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100 years from now…..some gems to reflect upon!

Posted on: September 13, 2010

I read a simple but life-changing book called “Don’t Sweat the small Stuff – and It’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.

To say the least, it changed the way I looked at things – forever. I recommend this book to anyone who tries and lives ‘life’ – or whatever is left of it – and is constantly dissatisfied, demotivated, hurt, confused with whatever is happening around us.

 Some of the tips that I really loved in the books were:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff…Of course! That’s the underlying idea! We tend to get worked up on petty stuff which shouldn’t matter. When some thing happens which hurt you, Ask yourself: ‘Will this matter a year from now? or 100 years from now? (There is a very interesting movie clip, link of which is given at the end of the post on this interesting idea)

 2. Let go of the notion that gentle, relaxed people can’t be super achievers. A more relaxed individual is more creative, motivated and is able to accomplish more.

 3. Let others be ‘right’ most of the time. Stop yourself from correcting someone.

4. Become more patient. Let the other person overtake your vehicle and…smile.

5. Let go of your expectations: Frustrations are caused by expecting from someone.

6. If someone throws a ball at you, you don’t have to catch it! Don’t get worked up at anything and everything someone says to you or about you.

7. Remind yourself that when you die your ‘inbox’ won’t be empty. There is more to life than making sure every item in your to-do list is accomplished.

8. Do something nice for someone else… And don’t tell anyone! Everyday, tell at least one person something you like, admire or appreciate about them.

9. Spend everyday thinking of someone to thank. Of course, God comes first! But DO thank people around you.

10. Set aside quiet time for yourself – every day and repeat to yourself “Life isn’t an emergency”!

Dare to dream – but BE HAPPY! Happiness depends upon ourselves. (Aristotle)

Have a remarkable life! Here is ‘gray hair talking’. Invest around 3 minutes from a gray hair lady about one of the ideas from this fascinating book:

Note from Malik Mirza: The above post has been contributed by an entrepreneur, a thinker, a do-er and my friend Mr. Nuruddin Abjani – You can visit his blog www.powerofthought.org and read many interesting ideas which he is sharing – Thanks Nuruddin!



8 Responses to "100 years from now…..some gems to reflect upon!"

Well, once a presenter was asked, “How do you rate your reputation amongst these audience?” He said,” Since there are about a 100 people listening now, I have atleast a 100 reputations and I cant know them all let alone do something about it”!

So I think its all about doing our best not because what other would think but because we want to be better persons and feel satisfied.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” SO TRUE!!! This video is a 3 min relaxant. 🙂

Thanks Sarah for your comments.

Thank you Malik Sir for sharing such good ideas and good food for thought. I think if an individual think a little, one got all the tips several times in his/her life starting from very young age at school when teacher use to say, don’t fight for small stuffs learn to share, then.. Try to be more creative you can achieve….be patient etc.
I still remember some of them told by my teachers. Its all about getting a reminder and most importantly adaption.

thanks for that reminder and i’ll make sure this book come to my bedside.

GOD Bless you,
Happy writing

best regards
Saleem Surani

Dear Saleem – thanks for reading and your comments – I read some where a very interesting quote. The author said: We need to wash face every day, need to eat food every day etc. Likewise, we need to be motivated every day!

Malik, thanks for this.
This really is an amazing book & I hope the readers get the most out of this.
However, this is just the gist of it and I recommend everyone to have this book on their bedside & try and read it 3-4 times a week for a a stress-free life.
The addition of ‘Gray Hair Talking’ was wonderful!
Keep up the great work.
Thanks once again.
God bless you & all the readers.
Have a remarkable life.

Nuruddin Abjani

Dear Nuruddin bhai – thanks for your contribution to this blog – you are one of the key motivations for me to take up blogging – thanks again

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