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A few weeks back, based on my experience, I wrote an article on ‘7 tips to pass an exam’ (you may visit:http://wisdomfrombooks.com/how-to-pass-exams-7-useful-tips/) which was greatly appreciated by the readers.

I was thinking to write something on techniques for better and effective learning and this post comprise of some ideas towards better learning. A few days back, I was watching Paul Mckenna’s lecture on accelerated learning.

He advised about a few techniques which can be used by us to learn effectively in less time. Here are few tips:

1. Concentration span: A person’s concentration span is generally 18 minutes. While reading course material, one should read for 18 minutes and then take a 4 minute smaller break and again study for 18 minutes.

2. Visualization: One should try to ‘visualize’ learning in the home environment.

Read more from: http://wisdomfrombooks.com/?p=1094

Becoming a better manager is easy and Kenneth Blanchard has told us about doing it in one minute!

One Minute Manager was an international best seller which was translated in over 25 languages.

It is about a person who tried to become the best manager. He met a mentor – a person who was great manager. He told him about the one minute principle. Before we proceed to one minute principle, here are a few ideas from the author:

1. If God wishes us to talk more and listen less, he would have created two tongues and one ear!

2. It is not important what people do in front of you. The important thing is: What people do behind you.

Read more from: http://wisdomfrombooks.com/?p=1076

By Motivational and inspiring speaker: Qaiser Abbas – Author of the best selling book: Tick Tick Dollar!

 All human beings have aspirations, hopes and dreams to become a breathtaking success. Yet most of us don’t achieve what we desire to. Majority of human beings live a life of mediocrity, way below their level of satisfaction. We often feel unhappy, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and even un-accomplished.

If you want to produce a significant improvement in any area of your life, you got to bring POP Principle in action in your day to day living. The POP Principle guides you to achieve success, prosperity, and a deeper sense of contentment in your life. It can bridge the difference between your aspirations and actions thus creates the life you truly desire and deserve.

What this ‘POP Principle’ is? Simple.

The P in POP Principle stands for ‘ Potential’ Read the rest of this entry »

So we want to be a master student or we want to be an excellent accountant or we want to be an oustanding entrepreneur….

The question is: How to achieve mastery in any thing we do?

Wayne Dyre, a motivational speaker once met an ice hockey player and ask him about his secret of being the great hockey player and he responded: I practice every day. However, Wayne Dyre was not satisfied with the response. So, he kept on exploring. Finally, the hockey player said: I see the goal in my mind before actually scoring it!

What are the pathways to becoming best in whatever we do?

Three pathways, as suggested by Mr. Dyre are: Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s look at media around us. What is generally on media?

Accidents, thefts, killings, terrorism and all the negative thoughts with a few or very rare rays of hope. However, in this post, we are not discussing about the channel BBC at all.

Without any prejudice to BBC, which is a indeed a very informative channel, our trainer, Mr. Qaiser Abbas (www.possibilities.net.pk) told us over a leadership seminar that we should stop running BBC in our minds, particularly in our lives.

So, what does BBC in this context stands for?

First ‘B’ is for ‘Blame’

I blamed our Government for so many taxes.

I blamed my circumstances for not letting me get ahead in life.

I blamed Mr. X and I blamed Ms. Y but at the end of the day, I remain what I am and nothing happened to those whom I was blaming!

While driving, people pass us in a rash manner and we start blaming society.

Thought of the day: Is it really worth blaming others? Aren’t we are responsible for our thoughts and actions.

Second ‘B’ is for ‘Back biting’

At times it happen that we start talking negative about people who are not present.

Is it a good attitude?

When we are talking about some one, other people might be talking in same tone about us when we are not present!

What is the use of back biting? Instead of back biting, can’t we go straight to the person and discuss what are we feeling about him or her?

Third ‘C’ is about Counter attack

Instead of thinking to take revenge and get ahead in life by beating Mr. X or Ms. Y, can we think in terms of serving others?

Can we thinking of collaboration and not competition?

Can we stop BBC in our minds?

At times we need to get inspired and we don’t have time to read!

But we can watch movies…….

Here is my list of top 3 inspirational movies. I would appreciate if you can share your list by making comments on this website:

3rd place :

127 hours!

A movie based on real life incident of an adventurer who gets trapped in mountains. This movie captures the thoughts of a person who is facing death for five days. No one has information about his whereabouts and his hand is to be chopped off if we wants to survive. Message of the movie: Never Quit.

Read more from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-fp

2nd place:

The Opus

To summarize, this movie inspires a person to take action.

Once a person acts to achieve his or her dream, often, the goal is achieved.

Read more from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-fj Read the rest of this entry »

Have you read the Book ‘The Secret’ or have seen the movie: ‘The Secret’? (You may read about the summary of the Secret from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-4q)

‘The Opus’ is the next level of the movie ‘The Secret’.

The movie ‘The Opus’ is one of the inspirational and motivational movies by one of the ‘heroes’ of the Secret: Mr. Joe Vitale. (Read more about The Attractor Factor of Joe Vitale from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-94)

Summary: There is no perfect time – There is no perfect plan; Whatever you want to do, start doing it! 

From vision to plan and from plan to performance – This is what the movie ‘The Opus’ is all about.

The Opus is story of a child who was poor but had a dream, a dream to become a great violinist. Was he able to achieve his dream?

Last six letters of the word ‘Attraction’ are ‘ACTION’. We need to take appropriate action to get results we need. Read the rest of this entry »

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