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Can you spot the young lady?

Posted on: December 22, 2009

Old lady or a young lady?

Old lady or a young lady?


Take a look into above picture. What do you see? An old woman? May be around 60 years or more? What if some one tells you the picture is of a young lady? You may not agree with him or her. 

Take a look again. Pause for a while. How can the above picture be of a young lady? Take your time. 

This picture is an example that two people can see same thing but think quite differently. This picture has been given in the Seven Habits as an example of ‘pardigm’ people have. 

What is ‘paradigm’? It means: Model, theory, assumption or perception. It means the way we see the world in terms of our perception and understanding. 

One of the habits of highly effective people is to understand others first before putting your point across. 

Here is a very interesting power point presentation on 7 habits books. Happy reading. Appreciate your comments on your experience on the above. 


11 Responses to "Can you spot the young lady?"

i see both; dunno how but i see both though

Amazing! i first could only find the young lady! After so many attempts i could finally spot the old lady 😀 Superb experiment 🙂

i can’t see the young lady i could only see the old lady please help me

At first, all I could see was the young lady and finally, I was able to see the older lady. Once I tried to see the old lady again, it took me a while to get her back into focus. Now that I have her in focus, I can see both easily. Wow! Great experiment. Two people indeed can look at one situation two complete different ways and both be right. Cool.

I cannot see the old lady

I cannot see the old lady, help me see the old lady

right! i must agree, i could not find the older lady.

Kindly see the picture from a distance. Consider the neck of lady as mouth of old lady and the chin of young lady as nose of the old lady.

Can you spot it now?


try harder and don’t give up! i was tempted to give up but persisted and it was really worth it!

for some reason, I initially recognized the young lady but I’m having difficulty picturing the old lady…hmmm…

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