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Mr. Neil Paddock, FCCA, contributes to this blog by reviewing the book: Say What You Mean And Get What You Want
By George R Walther.
Here is what he has said:

I picked this book up at a book sale a few years ago.

Its power is deceptive. Here are 50 positive phrases and language patterns that George Walther explains we should be using, instead of the habitually weak and often negative patterns of language that we tend to just pick up and use by default without really thinking about it.

George had packed this book with powerful anecdotes and practical examples from real life which amply demonstrate why you should replace the old ineffective language patterns with the more empowering ones. The examples are so clear and the differences in contrast so apparent that it becomes highly compelling and very difficult to argue with.

This book will teach you to be more effective in your communication – to apologise less (when you don’t actually have to in the first place) and be more direct without being offensive. To literally “Say What You Mean And Get What You Want”.

For example, the casual use of the word “but” in a sentence instead of the word “and” devalues what’s been said before the word is used, which can potentially harm the relationship, when the use of “and” in its place would not (e.g. “I agree with what you have just said, but…”)

This simple and powerful technique is also advocated in NLP (Called “The Agreement Frame”). Using “and” instead of “but” can aid in negotiations (thus saving you money!) as well as everyday conversations. Furthermore George has left a free tip sheet on his website that can be used to summarise his teachings from the book. The link is given at the end of this review. A quick review of the tip sheet will help you realise how negative and ineffectual some of the language patterns we use without realising it.

In conclusion, this book is an accessible and valuable tool packed with common sense that will help anybody speak “the language of
success” and thus be more successful in business and relationships. You can simply dip into it at any time and learn something you can immediately apply without having to read it from beginning to end.

You may want to take just one idea and apply it for a week, and thus replace each negative language pattern in your vocabulary gradually over the period of a year. For such a modest investment of time and effort, why wouldn’t you make it a point to absorb and apply its contents in your own life for more effectiveness and greater success?

Highly recommended.

PS George Walther’s summary tipsheet for this book is available at:

PPS You can buy the book here:

Neil Paddock FCCA



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2 Responses to "Readers’ corner"

it is a very intresting book and it is encouraging alot.

I found Getting Things Done by David Allen useful. Particularly if you find yourself wading through a pile of paper every time you want something you know is somewhere on your desk!

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