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The Million Dollar Secret Formula

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Dr. Joe Vitale says that he wrote this book for one person: his sister.

Dr. Joe (www.mrfire.com) states: “What matters is you. Your happiness. Your health. Your healing. Your well-being. The truth is, no method works for everyone. No teacher is right for everyone. No book is going to inspire everyone. It all comes from within. You are the first and final authority on your life”.

Bonnie, sister of Dr. Joe had three kids. She was unemployed and was on welfare. Dr. Joe states that she followed the five-step process Dr. Joe developed.

As per Dr. Joe: “I wrote this material for her, and only for her, in 1997. She’s now off welfare and doing fine. She’s got a house, a car, a job, and a loving family. She’s not rich yet, but I think I’ve shown her a new way to live life”.

The five steps have been defined in yesterday’s post, accessible from this link: http://wp.me/pHUHq-94

Below are six points which Dr. Joe has presented in the last chapter of the book as key points to be remembered:

1. You are totally responsible for your experiences in your life.
• That doesn’t mean you caused them. But on some level you attracted them. You are responsible for them. That’s not good or bad.
• Simply use the experiences to learn about yourself.
• Get clear, and choose what you prefer to experience.

2. You are absorbing beliefs from the culture itself.
• If you are watching movies about violence, or reading the papers, or watching the news, you are filling your mind with the very vibe that will attract more of what you soaked up.
• Mother Teresa said she would never attend an antiwar rally.
• Why? Because it contains the very energy that creates more war.
• Watch what you absorb.
• Choose what you want to attract.
• Be aware.

3. You are not ruler of the earth, but you have more power than you ever realized.
• You can move mountains with the right thought and action.
• Keep a balance of ego and spirit in your life, always striving to let your ego obey spirit.

4. You can change your thoughts.
• This often feels impossible to believe because it’s not normal for the vast majority of people. But what you think is largely habit.
• Start noticing what goes through your head.
• If you don’t like it, start consciously changing it.
• Choose new thoughts.

5. You can do the impossible.
• What you believe to be the restraints of time and space right now may simply be the limits of our current understanding.
• If you have an inclination to try something new and different, than so be it.
• Go for it. Make it so. You may be creating a path never seen before.
• Dare something worthy.

6. Whatever image you add feeling to will manifest.
If you fear something, or love something, you are adding energy to it.
Anything you fear or love will tend to be attracted into your life.
Choose your passions wisely.

Here is an interesting video from Dr. Joe Vitale:


This book is really an interesting read. Your thoughts?


2 Responses to "The Million Dollar Secret Formula"

[…] Balance—Life is like a sea; full of ups and downs. Fluctuations are part of life. Mind’s training through meditation can help develop a balanced approach. […]

I think if we were to summarize the above, we would say, in any situation, no matter how odd the circumstances, there is something we can do.

All we are demanded then is that we do this part. And something beyond our imagination then helps in turning the situation around.

Thats how I see it!!

Silent readers encouraged to contribute 🙂

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