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Problems – obstacles – issues!

Challenging status quo and getting things done – These are two ideas practiced regularly in the corporate environment.

How many times do we hear: This cannot be done? or ‘This is the way its always done’ or ‘you can’t do it this way – we have past history on this’?

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I read a simple but life-changing book called “Don’t Sweat the small Stuff – and It’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.

To say the least, it changed the way I looked at things – forever. I recommend this book to anyone who tries and lives ‘life’ – or whatever is left of it – and is constantly dissatisfied, demotivated, hurt, confused with whatever is happening around us.

 Some of the tips that I really loved in the books were: Read the rest of this entry »

Habit 1: Always exceed expectation

Self made millionaires always exceed expectations. There are three kinds of people at work: Those who meet expectation, those who exceed expectation and those who do just what they are told to do. People who exceed expectations add value to any organization wherever they work. 

 Habit 2: Be proactive

Don’t just sit and watch things happening – Be the change you want to see! Read the rest of this entry »

There was a wise man who was teaching to his followers. He said: “Always give some gift to your fellows. This will bring happiness and joy to you and at the same time, it will increase harmony and love”.

One of his followers asked: “What if we have no money to buy a gift to give”?

The wise man responded:

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Offering criticism is one of the most difficult jobs of any leader or any person. We do criticize people in our life. What is the good approach towards criticism.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on the problem, not the person. Always keep in mind that the purpose of criticism is to help the other person become more effective. Criticism for the sake of criticism is not ethical. Keep the following things in mind when giving criticism:

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In today’s world, people feel stressed out – due to their situation in business, in office, in school, university or any where and they want to get de-stressed.  What are some tricks and techniques to get rid of stress? Many people play sport to get stressed out but what if you don’t have time to go to the ground and play? In the book: Never Give Up, Donald Trump suggests an interesting tip which is sports and not a sport at the same time. He suggests that

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 “Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.” Do you agree with this phrase? .

We generally talk about other people who are lucky. This means that we are not as lucky as other people are. Do you want to create your luck? Here is an advice from a very successful man, Donald Trump: Read the rest of this entry »

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