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Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

Posted on: March 24, 2010



The story of Singapore’s Progress – an example of Out-of-the-Box thinking!

Singapore, a small island of around one million, become a first world economy only in 30 years!

 They got independence in 1965. They realized that the country had no natural resources like tin, oil or gold. The only resource which was available: human resource.

 This human resource comprised of mostly lowly or uneducated immigrants from China, India and Malay fishermen from neighbor countries. What was the condition at the time of independence?

Gang wars, battles among tribes and riots!!!

 How did the Government made Singapore a first world economy? 

They had a vision: They modeled Singapore as Switzerland!

This seemed like a mad and impossible dream. However, this stretch target forced them to develop plans and strategies that were ‘out of the box’.

 Adam Khoo states in his book:

The government decided to jump start the economy by attracting American and Japanese multinationals to invest. The government created a safe and conducive investment climate and provided incentives for them. They came and in the process created thousands upon thousands of jobs. To create social cohesion, the government made it compulsory for every male citizen to serve in the Army for two years and they made it compulsory for every citizen to save 40% of their income. They created a first class education system to serve the industrial economy’s growing needs; a first-class transport system and also a financial centre to rival Hong Kong by going out and modeling the best systems in the world. As a result, within thirty years, Singapore has achieved first world economy status and has one of the highest gross national product (GNP) per capita in the world.

Mobile phone:

Use of mobile phone is becoming common these days. Thirty years ago, if you told someone that almost everybody today will be walking around with a telephone the size of a credit card and it can also play music, take pictures, communicate with computers and send pictures, they would think you were crazy.

 Why is it now a reality?

All it took was for someone to think the ‘impossible’ and then make it real. Everything you see around you first started as an idea in someone’s head. Everything is created twice, first in the mind, and then manifested in physical reality.

Were the Wright brothers being very realistic when they set out to build a flying machine? Not only were they not scientists or engineers, but it was believed by the scientific community that it was physically impossible for machines that were heavier than air to fly. Again, by changing their strategy and doing whatever it takes, they finally invented the first airplane. Today, it is still a wonder that a multiple-tonned jumbo jet carrying over 300 people can lift off and fly 35,000 feet above sea level. If the Wright brothers had been realistic, you and I would still be taking the slow boat to China.

People who make history are those that set goals that everyone else had thought was ‘unrealistic’ and even crazy. But by using the ultimate success formula and doing whatever it takes, they made the impossible possible.

Adam Khoo’s quotable quote:

In fact, I believe that when people say something is impossible, it’s only impossible because a strategy has not been found yet.



3 Responses to "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!"

Talking about limitations i would say

“Every person is rewarded for that person’s efforts!”

There are just two things Allah has put limit on
Life and Death

between them everything is possible provided Effort is there
and Allah never let go any effort wasted.

so even if some one doesn’t succeed in bringing his/her idea to reality, ALLAH will put his/her name in history and people will know for ages.

I think its the cause behind the idea as well. If any one wants to work out for humanity benefit over all, ALLAH too helps. Now what happens after invention, its a whole different story.

It is one of the amazing things that when we look in the hindsight, things that seemed so impossible then seem so simple and matter-of-fact today.

Now that we are analyzing, the Singapore progress seems so obvious with how they decided to do about the mess they were in. Although imagining ourselves in 1965, it is not hard to hear people say, “Oh, this wont work. This cant be so. We can never rise to the top”.

I believe in the end its Allah, our Creator, but then that creator has said, “Every person is rewarded for that person’s efforts!”

Again 🙂 Silent readers, please speak up!!

I agree enhancing “Impossible is possible by making an idea”, but we should not avoid ths skull & brain creator who gives some limited powers to think. In other words The CREATOR ( ALLAH ) has full Powers and He is only the one Who can make every impossible as possible.

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