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The Attractor Factor – Five steps to attract what you want in your life

Posted on: March 17, 2010


When you visit any lunchroom in any big company, what do you hear?

 Gossip. Complains. Bitter talk. Negativity.

 Have you been to any family gathering around dinner time? What are people generally talking about?

 Gossip. Complains. Bitter talk. Negativity.

 Here is list of expression which we generally hear:

 “I don’t want this backache.”

“I don’t want this headache.”

“I don’t want these bills.”

“I don’t want to struggle in my job.”

 As per Joe Vitale, What we don’t realize is we are activating the Attractor Factor in a negative way. When we say, “I don’t want these bills,” our focus is on—you guessed it—


The spirit of life will deliver whatever you focus on. At times we have ‘FEAR’. Fear is in fact, ‘wrongly-directed’ faith! We are focusing and believing a negative thought – that’s what the fear is!


How did Socrates, the famous philosopher avoided negativity?

Here is one of the stories from Socrates:

One day, a man rushed up to Socrates, saying, “I have some news to tell you!” Socrates put up his hand to stop the excited man.

“First let me ask you three questions,” Socrates said. “Ah, er, okay,” said the man.

“Is the news you are about to tell me something you personally know to be true?”

“Well, no,” replied the man. “I heard it from a good source, though.”

“Then let’s go to the second question,” Socrates said.

“Is the news you want to tell me about someone you know personally?”

“Well, no,” the man said. “But I think you know the person.”

“I see,” said Socrates. “Then let me ask you my final question. Is this news positive or negative?”

“Well, it’s negative.”

“Let me see,” said the wise Socrates. “You want to tell me some news that you don’t know personally to be true, about someone you don’t know at all, and that is negative.”

“Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that.”

“I think I’ll pass,” Socrates said.

 Five steps to attract whatever you want:

“The Attractor Factor” by Dr. Joe Vitale is a book which explains five steps to create wealth (or anything else) from inside out. Here are five steps explained in detail in the book by the author:

1. Know what you don’t want. 2. Select what you do want. 3. Clear all negative or limiting beliefs.

4. Feel what it would be like to have, do, or be what you want.

5. Let go as you act on your intuitive impulses, and allow the results to manifest.

You may visit his website www.mrfire.com to know more about him. More from the books in coming days. Your thoughts?


14 Responses to "The Attractor Factor – Five steps to attract what you want in your life"


You could follow the five steps and then increase a “6th step”:

6. Say: “It or something better.”. As doing so, you allow your mind that your goals is easier than you thought to achieve! =)

Thanks Robson – what you have mentioned is really interesting: This or some thing better!
I am sure this sixth step helps to attract better than what we are thinking!
Thanks for sharing.

Step 3, atleast for me is the biggest challenge…

Thanks for sharing Malik Sir!!

Good Work,

Now adays negativity is become a part of our society, which should be eliminated, i appreciated your work in this regard.

Thanks Adnan sb for your comments

I especially like the point one — block the ideas that you don’t want to do.

On a similar note sometimes we wish to associate ourselves with the role models to whom aspire, while on other occasions we try not to emulate others.

Dear Saleem Sb – thanks for your comments – I just visited your website – You are going great work for students. May God bless you. What you have stated is quite correct. We need to think positive all the time.

Great Work Malik! Really Inspiring!

Well Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do appreciate the beauty of the five factors but as truly mentioned by Malik; applying them is a big challenge!
Let me pose a hypothetical situation, how about some one who has been bitten several times in life, is carrying a big baggage from past and now that someone is being asked to take same step again based on intuitions. Will he still have courage to do that? Will he still be able to put all negative thoughts aside?

Great work Mirza!

You are an inspiration indeed.

Great post Mirza!

You are indeed an inspiration.

Joe Vitale refers to Step 4 as Nevillizing the goal. This is the fun part.

Step 5 might be the biggest challenged but when you’ve fully allowed it to come to you, it’s yours.

Thanks for sharing your Attractor Factor insight.

Dear Ryan – thanks for comments. Applying these factor in every day lives is the real challenge!

Excellent..! Thanks for hosting it.. appreciate it!

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