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7 habits of highly effective people – in 5 minutes

Posted on: December 21, 2009

Can people really change? Can people become effective? What are the ‘habits’ which make people effective?

Every one can become effective if he or she wants to be. However, there are certain ‘habits’ one need to develop. Habit is combination of knowledge, skills and desire.

Aristotle said: We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

What are your habits? What are the actions you do again and again i.e. on a daily basis? Pause for a moment. Reflect on your life. What are the habits you need to develop to be effective? This book, an international best seller, provide every one with some ideas, tools and techniques to develop one’s personality.

Habit one: Become Pro-active

People are product of their own choices.

The Seven habits of Highly Effective People, as the name indicates, is about seven characteristics which every one can develop to become more effective and influential.

‘I am always like this’, ‘My parent did this to me’, ‘My environment is not good’.

Listen to words people speak around you. Its not what happens to you which is irritating, its your response due to which you may become unhappy, sad or angry.

Don’t be active – be pro-active!

What does that mean? People either wait for things to happen or they think what can be done and act themselves.

Learning seven habits in five minutes

Lets learn about all seven habits in 5 minutes and that too, through a visual picture!. Take out five minutes if you can and see the video clip (link given below).

Happy viewing

Keep reading. Share your thoughts. Appreciate your comments. More ideas from the book shall be posted on the blog in coming Week.




6 Responses to "7 habits of highly effective people – in 5 minutes"

this book was given to me as Christmas present at the age of 23 by my sis. i read thru the book. it’s very useful, it help in my college life, how to “seek 1st to understand then to be understood” “how to listen” this 2 help me to win lot of frens, who like me, cos i always listen and able to talk at the right time. all this is due the Mr Covey ask me to practice one habit at time. don’t be too greedy.

when i go into the corporate world, the “proactive, begin with the end in mind, think win win and synergy” help me a lot, this book is like a life guru, i read it many time, but different chapter.

now i still practice after i have learnt all, now i m practising “the sharpen the saw”

this book got 2 story i remember the most:
1. the goose and the golden egg
2. … ” u look tired, why don’t u take a rest? ” … the man answer ” didn’t u see me busy sawing?”

about the 8habit, i find a bit hard to pratice, may be tat will apply to higher corporate level.

I read this book a long time ago. It still refreshes every time I see.

There are some good presentations made upon this book available at 4shared.com.

The book is also available in mp3 audio on the same site. For those of us who travel around a lot, this is a great way to increase knowledge. Even the minimum daily commute time these days takes hours and a book a week is very good invesment.

Wonderful as always. Reading these has always unearthed new dimensions. 8th Habit will be next in line.

This reminded me of a tag line out of the book from W. Mitchell “It is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you that determines the out come”. Meaning it is YOU who is responsible for what ever happens to you, which is actually in Quran too.

An excellent book by Stephen Covey. Thank you Mirza sahib for your quick overview. I belive that being pro-active keeps the sprits high and helps fuel the career progression.

Despite being non-believer of know all preacher change material, this is one book which i read some ten years ago and still refer back..some times to see what i have missed, sometimes to copy paste some good quotes.. nevertheless this book is must read even if one doesn’t believe in motivational speeches but believes in real life changes. Good choice Sir!

Thanks a lot for your comments. 7 habits is indeed an interesting, practical and thought provoking book. If you have some time, you may comment on some habit you like most and share your experience on application of these habits in work life.


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