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How to achieve our dreams? An inspirational movie: The Opus!

Posted on: February 16, 2011

Have you read the Book ‘The Secret’ or have seen the movie: ‘The Secret’? (You may read about the summary of the Secret from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-4q)

‘The Opus’ is the next level of the movie ‘The Secret’.

The movie ‘The Opus’ is one of the inspirational and motivational movies by one of the ‘heroes’ of the Secret: Mr. Joe Vitale. (Read more about The Attractor Factor of Joe Vitale from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-94)

Summary: There is no perfect time – There is no perfect plan; Whatever you want to do, start doing it! 

From vision to plan and from plan to performance – This is what the movie ‘The Opus’ is all about.

The Opus is story of a child who was poor but had a dream, a dream to become a great violinist. Was he able to achieve his dream?

Last six letters of the word ‘Attraction’ are ‘ACTION’. We need to take appropriate action to get results we need.

The child started taking small action. Each small step took him towards his goal. He started saving money, whatever little he could. The message from the movide: We are unique and hence, we should remain unique but learn at the same time. Eye sight of of the child got blur at the age 17. One day, he became blind. He was unable to see. This became the biggest adversity in his life. How will he achieve his dream now?

In the movie, we learn about three people, each narrating their real life story in which they faced adversity, issues and problems and they tell how they overcame the obstacles. Those three people used to cry every day due to circumstances. But they got changed. How?

The blind boy gave up. He walked out of his home with white stick and reached a shop to sell his violin and he uttered the most painful words to the shop keeper: I want to sell my violin.

The shopkeeper said: Oh! This is the violin I sold you many years ago. You have kept it in a very good condition but I need to check it. Please play it for me.

The blind boy responded: I don’t have my notes. I can’t play. The shop keeper said: Some times music is in soul not in notes. Please play using your soul.

The blind boy started playing the violin from his heart and he suddenly felt some thing: He felt from inside his heart that violin is his passion.

What happens next? Watch the movie!

Here is the trailer from Youtube:

Happy viewing!

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