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Becoming a better manager is easy and Kenneth Blanchard has told us about doing it in one minute!

One Minute Manager was an international best seller which was translated in over 25 languages.

It is about a person who tried to become the best manager. He met a mentor – a person who was great manager. He told him about the one minute principle. Before we proceed to one minute principle, here are a few ideas from the author:

1. If God wishes us to talk more and listen less, he would have created two tongues and one ear!

2. It is not important what people do in front of you. The important thing is: What people do behind you.

Read more from: http://wisdomfrombooks.com/?p=1076

We often think that people around us are difficult to manage.

Our boss does not understands us and our sub-ordinates are not willing to work if not monitored on a daily basis. Is this really true?

(You may read an earlier blog post on: People don’t understand me, what should I do from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-a3)

I recently read an interesting article in which Nic Peeling has defined a golden rule for the front line managers . However, I was thinking that this golden rule can also be applied in our personal lives too. In our family set up, in our community set up, in our offices, in our businesses – every where. The golden rule for the managers for the people management is: Read the rest of this entry »

What is the main function of a supervisor or ‘the Boss’? We can come up with countless ideas on the main function of a boss. However, it is widely accepted that the main function of a boss is to motivate.

The boss need not to be present every time to see the employee working properly.  So, let’s look around and see who is the great boss around us? We can find answer in our family.

The best bosses are…. Read the rest of this entry »

People dream – people desire – people make resolutions on December 31 and yes, on our birthdays – we do think about our goals. The key question: What happens next? We want to reduce weight or we want to study for further educational qualification – we want to start exercise but………..

but…….. very few people take action! Why? How can we set and monitor our goals effectively and that too, by investing only ‘one minute’? Read the rest of this entry »

“I want to lead in my job”

“I want to lead in my business”

“I want to lead in my work”

Do we have what it takes to lead? At home or work, there are people who lead and there are people who follow. People generally want to be a leader. However, the question is: Do we have what it takes to be a lead?  Here are ten attributes of a leader: Read the rest of this entry »

What does it take to succeed? How can an organization and an individual succeed in such challenging times? Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electronic has provided ‘3 S’ formula to succeed. Here are those 3 ‘s’ Read the rest of this entry »

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