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2 skills to avoid; 2 skills to learn!

Posted on: February 11, 2011

In one of the audio programs, Brain Tracy, author of various international best selling motivational, business & self help books, was deliberating on 2 skills or 2 habits which people tend to learn with the passage of time. (You can read about Brain Tracy’s ideas on setting priorities from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-bv)

Brain Tracy mentioned that people learn two habits or skills which result in non effective performance. Those two habits don’t allow people to move forward and use their full potential in lives. People may or may not realize about those two habits.

These habits are ‘catched’ by people through their own thoughts!

What are those two habits? Those two habits are:

1. Learned Self-helplessness; &

2. Complacency

Learned self-helplessness means: I can’t do it!

The time when people say: I can’t do this because some one is not helpful or I can’t do this because of my circumstances or my Government or due to this or due to that, this is a sign that they are learning ‘self helplessness’!

How often do we use these words: I can’t?

This is a limitation which people impose on their own self.

If any one says: I am not rich because of my parents were not rich or I was unable to study because I never went to school, please think again. Successful people own 100% responsibility for their lives. Success is not absence of problems but success is the ability to find a solution.

About complacency, Brian Tracy is of the view that people don’t progress or change their state as they feel ‘complacent’ or ‘comfortable’ with their present state and don’t see what will they get from change.

Why are people afraid to change? Why are people afraid to switch jobs or move to other places or to learn a new skill? People are afraid because of:

1. Fear &

2. Less knowledge

Once a person is fearful i.e. what will happen if I change my job or what will happen if I did this or I did that, that fear becomes the obstacle in life. Why are people generally afraid to do business? Most of the people prefer to work for others.


Because of ‘the fear of unknown’ i.e. what will happen if we start our own business or what will happen if I don’t get any customer etc. (What is the worst thing we have to fear about? Read from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-9u)

Once people learn new knowledge, they become confident. Let’s think like this: Is there any area in our life where we don’t feel confidence? In our studies or in our business? Let’s select that area and see if there is any knowledge available in that particular field which we can learn. Are there any role models who have chosen that path and are successful? What is their knowledge base? Can we do the same?

How can a person increase self-confidence in daily life? Read five ways to increase self-confidence from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-dm

Therefore, two skills to avoid are: Learned Self helplessness & complacency while two skills which are to be learnt include: confidence and knowledge about a particular subject.

Happy learning!


4 Responses to "2 skills to avoid; 2 skills to learn!"

sir i always like a thirsty man in a desert, to read your tips and knowledge which always play very possetive role in my self-motivation. thank you very much for sharing the dimends of wisdom

Dear Inayat – thanks for your comments and reading. Appreciate if you can share about the blog to others as well. Many thanks again

Sir its Thought provoking….

Thanks Qamar for your comment

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