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We should stop BBC in our minds!

Posted on: March 28, 2011

Let’s look at media around us. What is generally on media?

Accidents, thefts, killings, terrorism and all the negative thoughts with a few or very rare rays of hope. However, in this post, we are not discussing about the channel BBC at all.

Without any prejudice to BBC, which is a indeed a very informative channel, our trainer, Mr. Qaiser Abbas (www.possibilities.net.pk) told us over a leadership seminar that we should stop running BBC in our minds, particularly in our lives.

So, what does BBC in this context stands for?

First ‘B’ is for ‘Blame’

I blamed our Government for so many taxes.

I blamed my circumstances for not letting me get ahead in life.

I blamed Mr. X and I blamed Ms. Y but at the end of the day, I remain what I am and nothing happened to those whom I was blaming!

While driving, people pass us in a rash manner and we start blaming society.

Thought of the day: Is it really worth blaming others? Aren’t we are responsible for our thoughts and actions.

Second ‘B’ is for ‘Back biting’

At times it happen that we start talking negative about people who are not present.

Is it a good attitude?

When we are talking about some one, other people might be talking in same tone about us when we are not present!

What is the use of back biting? Instead of back biting, can’t we go straight to the person and discuss what are we feeling about him or her?

Third ‘C’ is about Counter attack

Instead of thinking to take revenge and get ahead in life by beating Mr. X or Ms. Y, can we think in terms of serving others?

Can we thinking of collaboration and not competition?

Can we stop BBC in our minds?


4 Responses to "We should stop BBC in our minds!"

Very nice post, and really worth implementing as it might not change the entire world we worry about, but it will definitely benefit the person who tries it.

I agree with you Umair sahib – thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts


Great creativity – thanks for sharing

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