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Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki – Choose or be Chosen

Posted on: September 4, 2010

Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki?

Author of the book ‘ Choose or be chosen’ has contributed today’s post about his book – an article specially for young people looking for jobs and taking up interviews:

 Everyone with a reasonable saving can buy a Suzuki but very few can afford to buy Mercedes while having the want to HAVE it. That’s how Mercedes has positioned itself in the world of car market.

Why is this so?

Because Mercedes offers such features and qualities, in a four wheeler that makes it distinguished, celebrated and out of the ordinary. There is of course something “extra” in it that makes it extraordinary. There is something outstanding in it that no other auto manufacturer can even afford to offer. On the other hand Suzuki offers all the routine features and comes up to the expectations of anyone who wants a four wheeler carrying a small family and thus is affordable. Now look at yourself and the features and qualities you have to offer. Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki? Do you have just the necessary ingredients to carry on a routine office task or you offer something to your employer or in a larger sense to the world, which is extraordinary and none other has to offer. If you are a Suzuki than anyone can have you for a minimal price, but if you are a Mercedes only few will be able to afford you but everyone will want to HAVE you.

The book Choose or be Chosen without degrading the worth of Suzuki, tries to motivate and provides you the practical tips to become a Mercedes and earn the right worth for yourself in the job market.

Entering the job market Over the years, during thousands of interview sessions, I came across candidates who could have earned a much respectable place for themselves but could not. This was merely because of their inability to create and present those unique features and qualities that they possess, during the interviews. Most of the interviewees come across to be desperate to just get the job, without knowing how badly that desperation damages not only that one chance to get hired but also their true worth. Over the years I have also came across comments from many about a popular word “SAFARISH” (nepotism or a favourable reference by some one who is known to interviewer).

Candidates, young graduates and many worthy professionals also believe that without Safarish they cannot get a job. My answer in this book is very simple.

Safarish works because we do not understand the difference between DONKEYS and HORSES. Strange, but true. In a crowd of Donkeys if there is one Horse, it can easily be recognized. But if there are all Donkeys, the employers will be better off picking a donkey that has a cart (safarish) at the back. Hence it is your choice if you want to be a Donkey or a Horse. And trust me in the corporate sector and job market in Pakistan I have seen hardly any horse rejected, and if for some reasons a donkey gets selected, in the next three months either the donkey has to transform into a horse or it is replaced with a horse.

Are there LIMITED Jobs?

This book touches upon another myth, that is, the there are limited JOBS in the market, and not all can be accommodated in these limited jobs. Yes the jobs are limited, yet the WORK in Pakistan is not limited. Our youth and those who are in search of a JOB get desperate, burn their degrees, get frustrated and mourn the injustice, because they try to fit themselves in a lift, going at the top floor, that can only afford to carry limited people at a time. They do not take the pain to see the alternatives, the WORK opportunities and the abundance of extra features God has granted them.

Practical experience

I could not have written the book and this brief had I not practically experienced all of the above myself. As a fact of the matter when I wrote this book I was out of the JOB, searching for one and believed that world can deny me having a JOB but cannot stop me from WORK. By the grace of God, by having this belief, I not only got a job within two months but also continued to learn about the extra FEATURES God has granted me. Hope you will learn and earn a brilliant livelihood for yourself.

The above article is courtesey of the author, Mr. Umer Raza Bhutta, author of the book ‘ Choose or be Chosen’ is a seasoned HR professional and a dynamic person. If you want to learn more about Mr. Umer Raza Bhutta, you can visit his blog:  http://umerrazabhutta.wordpress.com/.  Thanks Umer for contributing towards the blog and introducing the book.



4 Responses to "Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki – Choose or be Chosen"

The book is available at bookstores in Islamabad. I think it is available at Mr. Books.


Donkeys and horses, strong words, especially for those who understand Urdu and the associations with these words.

As regards the jobs, I would like to quote Stephen Covey who says, “Even when a company is downsizing, there are jobs in it. For people who can re-organize it and help it get back on the path”.

I would also say that this argument does not work with everyone, specially those who have applied for hundreds of jobs without thoroughly and thoughtfully analyzing their attitude and skills towards the job they want. There are people who never take time to read a book about how to write a CV, to sit in an interview and so on….

I am in agreement with Mr Bhutta and would ask for where could I get a copy of this book!!

Great concept and nice view to look into things – even when an organization is ‘right sizing’, you need people to do it. You can contact Mr. Bhutta at different28@hotmail.com

It is really wonderful…

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