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Achieving our goals – in only ‘one minute’ !

Posted on: September 16, 2010

People dream – people desire – people make resolutions on December 31 and yes, on our birthdays – we do think about our goals. The key question: What happens next? We want to reduce weight or we want to study for further educational qualification – we want to start exercise but………..

but…….. very few people take action! Why? How can we set and monitor our goals effectively and that too, by investing only ‘one minute’?

There was a person who was trying to find the ‘perfect manager’. His search took him to a manager who was known as ‘one minute manager’.

He asked the one minute manager – how do you manage effectively? One minute manager responded: I am able to utilize my ‘one minutes’ effectively. On goal setting, the One minute manager told him that:

1. People who feel good about themselves produce good results. Therefore, one should ‘always’ feel good about one self.

2. Goal setting is about change in behaviour – a person needs different behaviour from existing one. If a person keep on doing same thing again and again, he / she would get the same results – again and again! (No wonder why people don’t make progress!).

3. Once a person agrees upon goal, the next thing is to review the good behaviour i.e. what behaviour is required to achieve the goal.

4. Each goal needs to be ‘written’ on a sheet of paper within 250 words.

5. One should read and re-read the goals daily – this reading would need only ‘one minute’

6. Take ‘one minute’ every once in a while out of your day (every day) and look at the ‘performance’

7. Key question, once goals are written and reviewed: See whether your behaviour matches your goal or not.

Here is an inspirational video on goal setting – let’s invest one minute! All the best for achievement of our annual resolutions!

Your thoughts on goal setting?



5 Responses to "Achieving our goals – in only ‘one minute’ !"

Thanks your respone of my email in shape of call , i read your article “achivement in one minute” that is very excellent

Thanks for your comments and visiting the blog – kindly inform students and your colleagues about the website so that they can visit the blog, read and share their thoughts.

I once read: “We should constantly keep asking ourselves. What is that one most important thing that I, and only I can do, that would have a tremendous affect on my life? Am I doing it now?”

These single minutes add up to a life that is far beyond the sum!!

Malik Sahib

Good tips for utilizing one minute effectively for ourself ,I think soon one per thirty second mangers will be launched.Thank you for sharing knowledge


Thanks for comments Mansoor – its all about investing time to remind ourselves to act in positive direction!

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