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If you can’t convince them, confuse them!

Posted on: August 15, 2010

“Why has God done this to me?”
“What is the reason of such massive flooding?”
“People must have done some thing wrong and its a punishment from God”
“Why is God not good to me. What have I done”

People do think such questions at time when bad things happen in life. people try to find answers. People try to justify. If there is a massive flood or earth quake at a certain place, people tend to find answers. Are there any answers? This book is for every one who is hurt by life

“Those people must be not good”. “Those people will be doing bad things”? Now, is it really so? This is what Harold Kushner has explained in his small but great book: When Bad things Happen to Good People.

Three years son of Harold Kushner was detected with a disease called progeria i.e. the small child appeared to be an old person of eighty years of age. People suffering from such disease are inclined to pass away. Consequently, Kushner’s son passed away.

At that time, Kushner, a priest asks himself: Why did this happened to me? It took him fifteen years to write this book.

Before we proceed to the answer and more detail about this book, lets try to reflect: Can we have black and white answers for every thing in our life?

Can we really justify each and every act which happens around us?

Before we get into the details of the book, lets try to understand why is confusion good for us at times. It is said: If you can’t convince them, confuse them. Mir Ibrahim Rahman, CEO and co-founder of one of the largest media networks in Pakistan made a speech at Harvard.

Take some time to listen to him. Its an eight minute speech made at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Key message: At times, there might be no answers!

Mir Ibrahim Rahman was chosen by his colleagues to represent them as their student speaker at Harvard’s graduation ceremony 2010. The speech titled “Degree of Confusion” was somewhat controversial yet got a standing ovation. Click here to view the speech: Mir Rahman address at Harvard

Your thoughts? Thoughts from the book will be posted in the next post.



4 Responses to "If you can’t convince them, confuse them!"

–I personally dont believe on the philosophy

–Being a Muslim-We do believe it is WILL OF ALLAH,
because of weak in their respective Religious Sects-or in other words, it recollects some of the past mistakes that the individual has been done. So , I am of the openion it is a step to improve ur deed in the light of ur religious understanding. Practically it was observed that if any one done bad with the humanity, the repercussion was observed on their generation.
The example-if any one cltivate barly do he expect for wheat-NO
So, we are actually doing good or bad by our own hand. Now again what is the role of Creater or Supernatural/GOD in doing good or bad with the NATURE. If we just recall that not a single leave moves with out the permission or will of GOD, How would he /she God punish us on our actions. With these all we also do believe he is RAHIM WA REMAN, GHAFOOR RAHIM.————————–

For a Muslim, its part of the belief. Taqedeer (fate it may be called), or Will of Allah.

The mystery continues, and what remains for us is to do our best, with what we have!!

That’s one of my favorite quotes! “If you cannot convince them, confuse them.” Mir’s speech was interesting too, he lay the positive aspects of confusion. Can’t wait for your thoughts on the book 🙂

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