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3 words successful people use…

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Are successful people problem free? 

Let’s think about all the successful people whom we are aware of: Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or any other successful person around us –

Do we think they don’t have any ‘problem’?. Certainly, life is full of problems. The question is: what is the vocabulary of successful people when they use to define their problem.  

Let’s start from the vocabulary of successful people. Do they use the word ‘problem’ again and again during their conversation?

The way we think about our problems determines our attitude, or approach, as well. We can use three words to change our attitude and our approach to any difficulty we face.

First of all, let’s change the word “problem” to the word


Whereas “problem” is a negative word that triggers feelings of fear and anxiety, “situation” is neutral. Instead of saying, “We have a problem,” we can say, “We have a situation.”

Another word to replace “problem” is the word “challenge.”

Whenever something goes wrong, immediately say, “We have an interesting challenge facing us today.” “Challenge” is a positive word. When we think of a challenge, we think of something that we rise to, something that brings out the best in us and others. Challenges are what make life exciting and worth living.

Perhaps the best word of all is “opportunity.” Instead of saying, “We have a problem,” we can say, “We have an unexpected opportunity.”

Napoleon Hill is famous for saying, “Every problem or difficulty you face contains the seed of an equal or greater advantage or benefit.”

Our job is to find the benefit, and this way of approaching a problem is determined by our attitude. It is said that two men look out from the same bar, one of them saw mud, the other saw star!

Choosing our vocabulary will help us cultivate positive vibration and positive energy.

Three words which we can use instead of saying: ‘We have problem’, we can say:

  • We have a situation or
  • we have an opportunity or
  •  we have a challenge!

Let’s try!

Do you have any other idea? Can we use any other word instead of the word ‘problem’?

Note: The above ideas are from one of the books by Brian Tracy.



11 Responses to "3 words successful people use…"

I agree to what you said MM. Even in office with routine tasks, when we tell ourselves that, “Oh, not again?”, our energy at once goes down. But when we tell ourselves, “Wow, the same thing again, that’s gonna be fun”, our whole physiology changes!!

Malik sb.
your ideas are wonderful…

grt words malik sahb. keep it up.

It can change your mind set, your attitude and your whole life…tested,

thank you sir..:)

happy writing.
GOD Bless U..

That’s Brilliant idea….. Will try to adopt this vocablary….
One more thing I would like to share which I noticed/learnt while living in UK is …. whenever someone talks to you about something which really annoys you or doesn’t make you feel good the first comment you hear from Goras is “Interesting”. I think its a very good way to response rather then snaping at someone….

Rest I absolutely love your work/effort Malik sahab…. good work!


Thanks Sidra for your comments. Changing vocabulary and expressions really help. Thanks for appreciation of blog. You may spread information about the blog to others who can read and contribute their thoughts too.

haha!! i TOTALLY agree with u 🙂

I agree…!
Interesting is also a unique word. These days I am learning a lot of things from my 10 months old baby. He can’t speak yet but now he tries to touch everything and approach every corner of the home. I guess, while moving towards the things, he has only word in his mind “is not that interesting”. This word/phrase can OPEN the new ways to look at any situation.

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur
Lahore, Pakistan.

Thanks Javed sb – what a nice sharing of your observation – Babies really find all things interesting and hence, have a very very neutral view point as opposed to grown ups – keep on sharing your view and observations. Regards

An entirely optimistic approach, I must say. The word “challenge” works for me 🙂

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