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Book summary: THE SECRET

Posted on: December 13, 2009

Book of the week: Secret

The Secret

Dear reader

We have discussed many ideas from the Book: ‘The Secret’ in earlier posts. Now is the time for complete summary / book review. THE SECRET is: ‘The Law of ATTRACTION’.

I found a power point presentation which describes whole book in 24 slides. After going through this presentation, you will get the basic ideas about the book and it will present a detailed summary before you. You may decide to read the book or see the movie. Enjoy the book review presentation. Feel free to comment.

To purchase the book, you can click: The Secret

Take some time to take part in poll. Do you really believe in ‘THE SECRET’?


Do I really believe that ‘Thoughts become things’? We attract our own happiness?

7 Responses to "Book summary: THE SECRET"

O sir. great effort it is really. and very helpful tips…..keep it up

Thanks Haji sb for appreciation

Very thought-provoking and well researched book…truly worth reading.

Thanks Sarah for visiting and your comments

this is amazing life transfarming book.

its a very nice book to read the reading changed me completely
it can even change you?

its a very nice book to read the reading changed me completely
it can even change you?

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