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Smile and be happy

Posted on: December 11, 2009

Book of the week: Secret

The Secret

If you want to lose weight – don’t focus on ‘losing’. It is a negative thought. Focus on the ‘perfect weight’ you want.

The Secret is: Law of attraction. It’s like Aladdin’s lamp & Genie. Whatever happens to us is attracted to us due to our thoughts. Nature says: ‘Your wish is my command’. However, don’t confuse universe by providing it with negative and positive thoughts at the same time. Be Positive – Always and positive will come to you.

Think about you day in ‘advance’. When sleeping at night, think about the day you want the very next day. Visualizing is a great secret of success.

Visualize, create pictures of what you want, be thankful for what you have and act. Law of attraction should be used for one’s advantage always, not just as one time activity.

Treat yourself with love and respect. You will attract people who will love and respect you.

If you want to make a relationship work, focus on what you appreciate about other person, not on your complaints.

Laughter & Smile attracts joy and happiness. Thank and Smile. Look around and try to find reasons to be happy. To smile. To enjoy. To be positive.

Do you believe in above thoughts from the SECRET? Take part in poll and express yourself.


Do I really believe that ‘Thoughts become things’? We attract our own happiness?


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I enjoyed reading your post, gave me food for thought.

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