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5 ways to increase self-confidence

Posted on: October 24, 2010

How can we cure any kind of fear?

By taking action!

Act and fear will disappear! Try it. People without fear are self-confident. They show self confidence at every level in their lives. Can we learn to become self confident?

Answer is: Why not?

Here are five simple steps which help to develop self confidence:

1. Be a front seater!

Have you every noticed that in seminars and workshop, back seats get filled quickly. Why? Because people generally don’t want to come in light. They want to sit in back and listen. Therefore, try to sit in front row in any seminar, workshop or class room.

2. Walk 25% faster

It is said that average person walks on an average basis while people who have some thing to do – some thing to achieve in life walk faster – try this and you will see the difference. This has effect on our posture – When we walk fast, our mind works fast.

3. Speak up!

There are people who think and think and think. They think: If I spoke, the person in front of me won’t be happy or my boss will not like this idea. Therefore, why speak?

If a person wants to increase self confidence, he or she should speak up. People who succeed in the world do so through conveying their ideas and thoughts to others – so, speak up your ideas. Don’t insult others but do convey your ideas in a respectful manner.

4. Develop eye contact

Don’t see down – see straight up in eyes. This is one of the characteristics shown by self confident people.

5. Smile big

Just try this: Think that you are frustrated and dejected and smile at the same time.

You won’t be able to do it.

Smile! It helps.

Your ideas?


19 Responses to "5 ways to increase self-confidence"

wow.you are amazing.helped me a lot

Thanks Adarsh – Feel free to share it with others.

all 5 points missing in me, especially , 3 rd point , whenever i take classes, if i want to ask any question from teacher i never ask in class rather wait for class end, i always think that what other people will think about me and hesiste, i have fear of class , how i remove it

Thanks Mudassir for reading and your comments. To answer your point, there is a one word answer: Take Action!
Action cures fear. I would like to request you to read about one habit which is common in all successful people: https://wisdomfrombooks.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/786/

O sir. great tips these are, but i am still not be able to speak openly, having knowledge is not usefull much but having confidence is key of success. these tips really will help me inshallah to boost my confidence.

Thanks for your appreciation and comments. If we start practicing these ideas, they really work – Try them. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts

Person normally take confidence from their father, if his father has confidence then surely you will have, second it can be increase by any person, malik your tips are great and it work

I would like to add one if you have knowledge it will also increase your confidence

Thanks Kamran Sb for your comments – Knowledge really gives confidence. However, you may find very knowledgeable person who are not confident enough to stand up and face public. However, knowledge do give confidence, if practiced! Thanks for your comments

the biggest problem of mine is that i think about a situation too much at the point that i get scared and just forget about doing it altogether. For example if i need some help from my teacher i will think about every thing that i will have to do even how iam going to enter his room what i will say how i will say it what kind of response will he probably give will i make a fool of my self what if i loose my voice and then i will just forget about doing it Now what shud i do about it help!

At times its better not to be confused by thinking too much. However, whenever thoughts strike us, we should give them a positive outlook i.e. if I am saying this, my teacher will respond me in a positive manner. Once we expect positive results, positive results will flow to us. Ask, believe and you will receive! Try this. Next time, anticipate positive response. See what happens! Thanks for comments

I was among the top three in all my academic years but I was a ‘back-bencher’ more often. I don’t know why? I guess it was an exception. I love those backbenches.

I liked your point #2, Walk 25% faster. Cool idea. I am working on it.

Thanks Javed sb – Smiling big and walking fast help to remain calm, cool and think fast – really helps!

I could not agree more…..I faced the syndrome of “under confidence” since high school. And speaking up and smiling very often helped a great deal, although Im still working on the “keeping eye contact” part!
btw, love the pic (the lion in the mirror) 🙂

Thanks for appreciation – these tips really help –

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. That means it can’t be real!
Confidence in kids that are not exposed to fear is at the highest level.

So true Hammad sb – perhaps a person can learn a lot of things from kids. They don’t need any ‘third person’ to introduce them with other kids. They do it automatically. However, we, the grownups, need some one to introduce us to strangers!

Wow! That’s amazing. I never thought of that idea. Kids really don’t need an introducer. In business and life, connecting with people is a great skill. I guess, Kids are masters 🙂

Thanks for the great tips MM. I would also add that standing and sitting straight, without a slouch back, is another indicator of confidence.

Have a great time.

Agreed sir – the post contain the ideas from the book: The magic of thinking big by Dr. David Schwartz. It is really good to have sharing of experience from your side; really helps.

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