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Are we wealthy? 7 forms of wealth!

Posted on: November 2, 2010

Have you heard about rich people who are not happy at times?

Do you know about those people who have a very good job, they are earning well but complaining that they are not happy?

Who is a wealthy person? Do you think that a person is wealthy when he or she has lots and lots of money?

I think there is more to wealth than money only.

We all are wealthy in one way or the other. Really – Believe me!

In my view, a wealthy person is always happy. Why?

Because there are seven types of wealth:

1. Inner wealth:

Having a positive mental attitude is a type of wealth. Positive people with positive outlook of the world can be happy – Always.

Try this: Have a positive mental attitude and try to be sad at the same time. I don’t think its possible. With positive attitude, life appears to be positive. Inner wealth really helps.

2. Physical wealth:

Health is wealth! A person who is not healthy cannot enjoy life. If you want to learn importance of wealth, ask some one who is not feeling well.

3. Family wealth:

Do you have loving parents or a caring brother or sister or friends who can come to your help at any time you want? Family and friends are another form of wealth.

4. Career wealth:

When we reach at the top of our career, we feel a sense of fulfilment. This is another type of wealth.

5. Economic wealth:

Money is not the only important thing in life but it is one of the important things and hence, it is needed. Some one said: The more I have, the more I can give. So, earn more to give more.

6. Adventure wealth:

We feel happy when we visit new place or meet new exciting people. We feel happy when we are able to take a challenge and deliver more than expectation. Adventure is another form of wealth.

7. Impact wealth:

What is our mission in life?

What is the impact we can make on our environment? Can we do some thing to improve life of people who need our support or help? Think about it. People who have impact around their environment show that they have ‘impact’ wealth.

So, next time, think that you are wealthy when you have inner wealth. When you have a caring family or caring friends or when you are healthy or when you progress in your career – you are wealthy! Think and thank!

Your thoughts?

Note: the above ideas are from Robin Sharma’s book: The greatness guide

17 Responses to "Are we wealthy? 7 forms of wealth!"

Wow, its been an edification of mind, attitude , heart , all great time , God bless you friend

Mirza……….d point are so clear, money is not a form of happiness……….my point is how is wealth classified? Thanks

hey nice information… Thank you…

I first heard this “7 forms of wealth” statement sixteen years ago as a freshman in college taking a yoga class from a Sikh gentleman who never returned for me to ask how he categorized these. I’ve been looking for this list ever since. I don’t know if it’s the same list as he uses, but I’m willing to believe it is the same so that I can finally put this question to rest. Thank you ever so much!

That was great Bill that you found it! I am really happy to read your comment – many thanks; Feel free to share your thoughts on other posts too.

Hi Mirza sb It is very good information whatever you defined about wealth especailly Inner wealth, Family wealth, Physical wealth and career wealth is 100% true. Only Money can’t make you wealthy.

Thanks Ghazanfer for your comments – I totally agree with you

Glorious effort Sir. really admirable and keep it up to spread awareness about such kind of hidden source of hapiness partiularly todays verse time of frustration.

Thanks Haji sb for your comments. If you have time, kindly go through other posts on the website and share your thoughts & experience

very informative! keep up the gud work sir!

Thanks for comments and appreciation

Very Interesting.

Thanks Mansoor sb for appreciation

good; but to try this is not possibble; these r good on books only.

Thanks papa for your comments; its true that at times, bookish knowledge is difficult to apply in life – however, i think practice really matters! thanks again for visiting the website and your comments.

thanks sir & nice one 🙂
I want to share that
I believe Happiness is one of those things which are equally distributed among the people by Allah.

Thanks Ayaz sb for comments – In my view, awareness of the availability of happiness counts! Every one has exactly 24 hours in a day. However, you will not find two people who are doing exactly same things in those 24 hours. Thanks again.

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