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How to motivate ourselves – 2 ideas

Posted on: October 23, 2010

self motivation

self motivation

How can we motivate ourselves?


It happens that we want to do some thing like to read a good book or do some task but some how or the other, we are unable to motivate ourselves – what to do? I have been asked by many readers of this blog to write on self motivation and here are two ideas which will help us to understand how can we motivate ourselves?

We need to understand two basic emotions which we need to tackle if we really want to motivate ourselves.

Those two emotions are:

1. FEAR &


People generally don’t take action at times because of the fear of unknown. Lets take a look into this:

Majority of the people doing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) prefer to work for others and not for themselves i.e. after completing MBA, first priority is to find a ‘secured’ job and not some good business to run. Why?

It is because of the ‘fear of unknown’.

In job, pay is guaranteed and we have a sense of security. Therefore, we do not intend to take up a business about which we are not sure.

Fear is the most powerful negative motivating emotion. It motivates us ‘not to take action‘ and as a result – we don’t!

However, some one said:

90% of the tragedies which I was afraid of had only one thing in common –

they never happened!

At times, we are afraid that this will go wrong – that will go wrong etc. However, once the step is taken, it is really in a positive direction. Once we review our lives, we can come across many such examples.

Now – many of my students ask me: How can we motivate our selves to read? People also say that we start exercise or dieting or any other action but after some time, it comes to halt.

We need to understand the ‘pain-pleasure’ principle explained by Anthony Robbins.

Don’t focus on pain which a person has to undergo, rather, focus on pleasure which we will get once the task on hand is complete. e.g. we have to wake up early in the morning to go for jogging. It feels painful to wake up early in the morning. However, once we are in the ground i.e. in fresh air, we feel pleasure – Feel that pleasure and not the pain.

Another main aspect or the most powerful positive motivating emotion is : Desire. I would like to add: Burning desire. It is to answer the question: why we really want to do this particular task. Let’s take an example: Why should I purchase a book and read it?

Do I have a ‘burning desire’ that I need to improve my self and that this book or this audio tape will help me? Desire make things happen. We sit in front of TV and watch our favorite drama or movie or any particular reality show? Why? Because we like that – because we have a desire to watch TV. If same ‘desire’ exists for reading book or doing exercise, that task will be happening.

To summarize, two key ideas for self motivation are :

1. Conquer the fear

2. Have a burning desire to take action i.e. focus on pleasure, not on pain!

Your thoughts?

12 Responses to "How to motivate ourselves – 2 ideas"

thanks for all these Malik!!!

Malik sb wonderful work…..please keep it up

Best Wishes

Thanks Usman for your wishes – appreciate if you can visit other posts and provide with your feed back. Also, if you have time, please tell others about the blog so that they can visit and share their experiences – thanks again

this was one question that a friend of mine asked a motivator, whose seminar we were attending: “The moment I leave this room, all this motivation will vanish! What’s the solution to that?” I don’t remember what the motivator replied to this, but after reading this article I believe that we need to have that “burning desire” in us!!!!!!

Thanks Sarah for sharing – one of the speakers at one training I attended mentioned that we need food daily and we need to have water daily. Hence, we need to be motivated daily! So, this blog also serves to motivate me first – daily!

thats def motivating sir

here i got a mail from adam khoo

How To Become A Winner In School & Life
And Discover The Power To Take Charge Of
Your Life Today!


Hi Ayaz,

Imagine that your exam is around the corner and you just don’t feel
like studying. How can you apply what you’ve just learned to get

Step 1: Change Your Body!
If you want to feel motivated, you’ve got to move your body in a
way that creates those emotions. Even if it seems crazy, jump up,
clench your fists and shout, ‘Yes! Let’s Do It!” Use the most
excited voice possible. Take fast, deep breaths, and put an excited
look on your face.

As silly as it may sound, doing this will shake you out of your
lazy mood and shift you into a ‘take action now!’ mode.

Step 2: Focus on Thoughts that Inspire You!
Next, imagine yourself achieving the goals that you want by taking
action. Imagine yourself having lots of fun taking action, and
reaping all the benefits you will get from your positive actions.

When I was getting myself in the mood to study, I would visualize
myself receiving straight ‘A’ grades. I would imagine how proud I
would feel and how much my family and friends would admire me. I
would then visualize myself studying in the National University of
Singapore, and becoming a super successful role model and
businessman (my ultimate goal).

Step 3: Focus on Thoughts that Scare You!
Have you noticed that we also get motivated to do something when we
are afraid of the pain of NOT doing it? For example, you may be
motivated to finish your homework before class starts because you
fear being punished, scolded, or humiliated by the teacher.

To get motivated, you also think of all the PAIN you will
experience if you don’t start taking action. Create those scary
pictures in your mind, and make them stronger and stronger until
they motivate you to start taking action.

For example, the things I was most afraid of were: not getting a
good degree, being laughed at by others, and becoming poor. I used
all these fears to motivate myself.

I would visualize what would happen if I continued to be lazy and
not take action. I would imagine all those nasty pictures in my
mind, making the scary feelings stronger and stronger, until I felt
that I had to study immediately.

To your success,

Thanks for sharing Ayaz – he has also emphasized on thoughts that inspire & thoughts that scare us. One point added by him is to change body posture – nice sharing. Thanks again

AOA; that is 100% true – we fear those things that do not occur

Wonderful thoughts….!!
Thank you Malik bhai..!!

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