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Do you have 3 ‘s’ to succeed?

Posted on: June 18, 2010

What does it take to succeed? How can an organization and an individual succeed in such challenging times? Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electronic has provided ‘3 S’ formula to succeed. Here are those 3 ‘s’

  1. Speed
  2. Simplicity
  3. Self-Confidence


 Lets say you have to make some decision. Any decision in your life.

 What will you do? Will you wait for ‘all’ the information or will you make decision based on the information available with you?

 Managers and leaders have to make decisions quite often. Speedy decisions are required at many times and if people fail to make decision, the attitude of being indecisive will prove harmful. 


What does simplicity mean? To quote from Jack Welch: 

  • To an engineer, it’s clean, functional designs with fewer parts.
  • For manufacturing, it means judging a process not by how sophisticated it is, but how understandable it is to those who must make it work.
  • In marketing, it means clear messages and clean proposals to consumers and industrial customers.
  • And most important, on an individual, interpersonal level, it takes the form of plain-speaking, directness—honesty.

 Are we practicing simplicity in every day lives?


“One of the hardest things for a manager is to reach a threshold of self-confidence where being simple is comfortable”. Where does this self-confidence come from? Welch’s answer has several parts: Some people get it at their mother’s knee, others through scholastic, athletic, or other achievement. Some tiptoe through life without it. Bureaucracy is terrified by speed and hates simplicity. It fosters defensiveness, intrigue, sometimes meanness”.

About Jack Welch:

Jack Welch, the long-time Chairman and CEO of General Electric, has been hailed as the greatest business leader of our era and deservedly so. It was Welch who headed GE from April 1981 to September 2001 and who pioneered some of the most important business strategies of the past two decades.

 Above ideas are from the book: 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch by Robert Slater

Your thoughts?



2 Responses to "Do you have 3 ‘s’ to succeed?"

I think it took more then thirty year of professional services and Managerial decision of the Jack Welch to concluded these three s.. It would not be that much easier for us to implement these 3 s because without faith on believing these principle work takes enough time form us. May be self confidence is outcome of faith , but this process of outcome take several years..

I would like to comment on Simplicity.

I believe it takes courage to get simple. It requires us to go beyond our comfort zone and break the status quo. Many people are afraid to do something in a simple way because if its simple enough, they think its easy, and if they take something as easy, they simply do not consider it a worth-while achievement.

Have a great time!!

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