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Are you working very hard? Are you getting struck in what you are doing and you are not able to get what you want?

Take a pause. Think more.

Here is a story which I read in the book: Chicken Soup for the soul and simply loved it.

The contributor to the story, Price Pritchett says that trying harder may not work always. We may need to work totally different at times to achieve greater levels of success. We need to get out of our comfort zones and do something which breaks our old habits and we achieve our results by doing something different, something better. “If you keep on doing same thing again and again, you are doing to get same results, again and again”. Here is the story:

The author is sitting in a quiet room at the Milcroft Inn, a peaceful little place hidden back among the pine trees about an hour out of Toronto and listenirg to the desperate sounds of a life-or-death struggle going on a few feet away.

There is a small fly burning out the last of its short life. The fly is trying to move out from the  glass of the windowpane. Trying harder and harder to cross the window pane. But it is not working. The fly will not survive and will not be able to cross the window pane. The struggle is part of the trap as its leading no where. It is not possible for the fly to break the glass. The fly will give up life to break the glass. It will keep on working hard but nothing will happen. The fly moves out of the room by breaking the window pane.

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“Across the room, ten steps away, the door is open. Ten seconds of flying time and this small creature could reach the outside world it seeks. With only a fraction of the effort now being wasted, it could be free of this self-imposed trap. The breakthrough possibility is there. It would be so easy”.

Why is the fly not trying the other way: something totally different? Why does fly not choose to move ten seconds and get out of the door? Less efforts, logical move – but different!

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“Trying harder isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more. It may not offer any real promise for getting what you want out of life. Sometimes, in fact, its a big part of the problem”.


It takes 20 years to make an overnight success – Eddie Cantor

In 1962, a person Dave Thomas, 29 years of age with four children and a wife was working at for a restaurant chain in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Four units of the restaurant chain in Columbus, Ohio were in serious financial trouble. The young man, with 17 years of food business experience thought: I can make some difference!

So, he traveled to Columbus to assess the situation. Business was bad, the management was worst. The person worked around day and night in search of an answer. No answer was in sight.

There was a person from Kentucky who supplied fried chicken at his restaurants. His name was Harland Sanders and everyone called him the Colonel. The Colonel worked for many years, travelling, selling chickens to restaurants. Their units at Columbus had to pay lot of money to Colonel for chickens purchased from him.

One day, Thomas went to a radio station to discuss advertisement for the restaurant. He said to the radio station manager: ‘Look, we are having some cash flow problems. We can pay you little late and will spread our payments a little’. Radio station manager responded: ‘I tell you what Thomas that fried chicken is the best thing you serve. I’ll swap you some advertising spots for some of your chicken’.

Driving home, Thomas was in good mood for the first time. Perhaps, he found an answer. The idea which struck him on the road: Colonel’s chicken!

Thomas went to the kitchen of his restaurant and sold majority of the  cooking inventory of olives, catsup, soup etc. There was enough money to pay creditors.

They started selling just primarily one produce: Colonel Sander’ Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Business picked up.

In few months, Thomas changed name of their restaurant to Colonel Sander’ Kentucky Fried Chicken – Take Home. Chicken was sold in buckets and barrels with the Colonel’s beaming face on them. Finally, a day came when Thomas was able to pay Colonel in full! Later on, Thomas started his own restaurant and named it after his daughter – Wendy’s.

Learning: Solution might be simple and right beneath your eyes – Find it!

May be you can ‘add’ lot of value by ‘subtracting’ a few things!

Above is a short story from the bestselling book: Chicken Soup for the soul at Work. The series of ‘The Chicken Soup’ has been translated into several languages and the series has sold over 33 million copies!

Book of the week: Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Maida Rogerson, Marin Routte & Tim Clauss – 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit!

You may like to visit: http://www.martinrutte.com/chickensoup.html to learn more about the book.


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