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Use 5 Ds for better time management

Posted on: March 26, 2011


We all want to do things effectively and get more done in less time.

In one of the recent training sessions, idea of using 5 D was communicated to us by Mr. Qaiser Abbas (www.possibilities.net.pk). We can ask five ‘D’ questions before doing any task at hand. Asking such questions and answering them properly will help us to get things done in effective manner. (You can read about other ideas of time management and using ABCDE method from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-7J)

So, what are five Ds?

1. Don’t do it!

There is an option available to us: Not doing the task at all!

The first question which one should ask: What will happen if I don’t do this task?

What are the consequences of the task not getting done? Can I live with consequences? If yes, not doing it is one of the options.

2. Delay it

Ask the following questions: Due to time pressure, can the task at hand be delayed?

 Can it be done later?

What are consequences of delaying it? Would it be a matter of life and death? Is the task must do?

3. Delegate it

One of the ways to get things done is to ‘delegate’ it.

This does not mean that tell some one to do a task and than forget about it. This means taking full responsibility of the work but telling some one else to do it for you. At the same time, you will monitor it and ensure that desired results are achieved.

4. Dissect it

Instead of doing all at once, dissect the task in smaller steps and get it done in pieces.

Remember: We can eat elephant but one bite at a time!

Anthony Robbins has used the word ‘chuncking’ for dissection. While learning to drive a car, the ‘whole’ is broken into ‘parts’ and each part is learnt as a separate task. In other words: Divide and rule i.e. divide and get it done.

5. Do it with delight

If all the above is not workable, than do the work with enjoyment. Any task which is done with smile is likely to be executed fast and with passion.

Your thoughts?


4 Responses to "Use 5 Ds for better time management"

Excellent Sharing Mirza sahib. Life is all about making priorities. Leaders must delegate and concentrate more on vision. I have seem most leaders doing low level stuff!

Thanks Hammad sb for your comments. Nowadays, there is a new concept in the field of management. We now need people who are leader and who are managers at the same time. This new breed is called Man a ders i.e. Mana from Manager and ders from Leaders. I will write more on this shortly. To summarize, manaders can plan and at they same time, they have to execute instead of waiting for some one else. Its an interesting concept and I will write what the term ‘MANADER’ mean shortly on the blog – thanks again for your comments and appreciation

If we follow the 5 D’s, we would be able to all tasks / assignments which come across and handle them better. We just have to believe in it. An excellent approach towards life…

So true Khan sb – thanks for sharing your experience. The key is: To ask 5 D questions and feel the effectiveness achieved.

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