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3 Shortcuts to happiness!

Posted on: March 15, 2011

One of my friends, Mr. Nuruddin Abjani (Read his post: 100 years from now on http://wp.me/pHUHq-cl) shared a book summary with me for readers of this blog. Name of the book is ‘Shortcuts to Bliss’ by Jonathan Robinson. Bliss means happiness. Author has shared 50 power tools which a person can use to have happiness, peace and satisfaction. Here are 3 of those tools:

1. How to stop worrying about money?

Let’s say the money (notes & coins) we have in our pocket, starts talking to us!

What will the money in our pocket say to us?

They will say some thing like this: You are never happy with us. You always complaint too much. I am always helping you, supporting you and doing things for you but you never thank me!

No matter how much money a person earns, at the end, there will always be a desire to earn more.

So, the first idea to be happy is to be grateful for what we have. Worrying about not having money results in non-productive thoughts of worrying more. Instead, we should try to be thankful for what we have.

Feeling peace inside ourselves is the real wealth. (Do you remember 7 forms of wealth? Read here and be grateful: http://wp.me/pHUHq-dr)

2. How to encourage ourselves?

Why employees work hard? Due to incentives or rewards in form of money.

So, how can we encourage ourselves? By giving ‘reward’ to ourselves!

Have we ever thought if I am able to pass this exams, I am going to take vacation to some good location as my own reward?

Second idea is to set goals and set rewards for ourselves.

3. How to be at peace with self?

Maha Rashi Yogi told Beatles a form of meditation. “To get the greatest benefits from meditation, it’s important to meditate consistently. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi suggested people
meditate for twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. Any amount of meditation is better than none and the being consistent is more important than how long you do it for”.

Third idea is to meditate regularly. Be silent for 10 minutes in morning and 10 minutes in evening (to begin with). Set some good ‘mantara’ for meditation and attain harmony with nature and our higher self to experience peace.

By the way: Is there any shortcut to happiness, except having peace within ourselves?

Your thoughts?

Thanks brother Nuruddin for sharing.


6 Responses to "3 Shortcuts to happiness!"

The simplest (but always neglected) way of happiness is to compare ourselves with those less privileged than us. We always think of things we don’t have, but rarely think of a lot of things we do possess. Ask yourself What if I don’t have this? what if I don’t have that? The dilemma of life is we always compare ourselves with those more privileged. Off course its also important for progress in life, but for real happiness, try compare yourself with those below you, with those underprivileged, I am sure you will find millions and million of them. Be happy, be blessed…

Thanks Aziz bhai for your comments – what you have said is so true. Thanks for sharing.

Well, i think happiness comes from the inner soul & heart. It’s an inner feeling and feelings come natually. If our brain try to sell something as hapiness to our heart, it will not be sucessfull in doing so untill our heart accepts it. I think one always has happy moments in his life in bits and pieces e.g. having ur favourite food or being togther at a family dinner, gossiping with friends , watching rain etc might be happy moments in ones life where he is enjoying without thinking that actually these are making him happy. Trust me, we don’t need to find out happiness, its already around us !

So true Faheem – happiness comes from within. Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts.

the simplest way of being happy is to think about those blessings which a person has , even if someone does not gets what he wants , he should take a look around and see what he has got i.e his family , his every part of body , his senses … what if he or she(God forbid) did not had these blessings in life ? always look at the positive side . one should always have a positive approach . If something doesnot goes in a way a person wants, it might be for something much better . A person cant see future , thus he doesnot know what awaits him ahead.Think positively .

Thanks for sharing such insights with us. Let’s hope that we always remain thankful for what we have

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