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Never Give up: 127 hours!

Posted on: February 20, 2011

So we think that we have problems and issues? What is life all about? what is really important in our lives?

We may take daily happenings and daily routine things as a matter of life and death.

But what is real death like? Can a person defeat death through sheer consistency and confidence?

The answer comes from the real life story of a climber: Aron Ralston. He was a climber and loved extreme sports. He decided to spend the weekend hiking in the beautiful, remote Blue John Canyon in Utah, USA.

Without mobile and without informing any one, Ralston gets trapped!  
Over the next five days (127 Hours), Ralston was forced to endure extreme physical and mental tortures as he tried to break the rock with his only tool: a dull blade. 
With his video camera he began to record goodbyes to his family and friends. Ralston had attempted everything he could. As an engineer, he tried to create a series of levers and pulleys to move the rock to no avail, he tried wedging the rock, and he even tried to cut his arm off with the knife, but found the blade could barely cut the skin. What happens next?

 Watch the movie! Watch the courage – Watch; How does it really feel when a person is trapped without any support and aid in the middle of nowhere!
When the real event happened in 2003, it became more than national news, it reached almost every corner of the globe. It raised the question in people:
– Would you be able to do it?
– When trapped in an impossible set of circumstances, could you do the unthinkable?
127 Hours is one of the most emotionally charged movies of the last several years. Watch the trailer:

Remember!! Never Give Up in your Life…

Note: Most of the above post was contributed by one of the readers of the blog: HR VISION. You may also send your contributions for the blog.


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