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Achieving goals by applying PRICE method

Posted on: January 27, 2011

We all have our goals and we do have our dreams. We all want to reach some where in our life. The quesiton is: How can we do it in our daily lives?

I was listening to Ken Blanchard’s very interesting and motivational lecture on the PRICE model for self-improvement and bringing change in our behaviours by applying PRICE method.

We can all apply PRICE to change our behavior and work to achieve our goals in life. What is PRICE method?

P stands for Pin-point.

We may think of pin-pointing to other people. Wait!

Here, we are discussing self-improvement. Hence, let’s frankly pin-point what is one habit which we think that we should change? Let’s say that I need to reduce some weight. So, I have pin pointed my own issue. First step to apply PRICE method is to pin point the attitude or the behaviour which we need to change.

R stands for Record

What is it which I need to change? Say, my weight is 120 Kg and I need to reduce it to 80 Kg. This is what I have recorded, either in writing or verbally. Suggestion is made that one should record in writing. (Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s advice from his book: ‘Think and grow rich’ on writing? read it from here: http://wp.me/pHUHq-bR)

I stands for Involve

This means that we all need coach or a mentor. May be a person who can guide us a little, tell us about how to achieve what we intend to achieve. Also, this means that we should involve the people around us whom we think can share this with us. I need to consult a person who has reduced his / her weight earlier and I would request that person to share with me about the path taken. Some one told me: TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!

C stands for control & take corrective action

This is most interesting part. When would we Change? When will we really take steps to correct the issue pin-pointed and recorded? When the pleasure of the changed state is greater than our pain in existing state!

This means that people take action to change their state when they think that new state will give them more pleasure. If we are fine with the existing state, we don’t take any corrective action. This means we need to convince our selves that new state will give us more pleasure and satisfaction.

E stands for Evaluation

I need to evaluate myself after a set period of time. This is a process of facing the reality. This means that after one month, I would record my weight again to see if progress is being made. If note, I will have to recheck my goal and think again. I may need to involve more people or take corrective action.

Final thought: Are we willing to pay PRICE to achieve our desired outcome?

I wish all your dreams come true!

You may share your thoughts and ideas.


8 Responses to "Achieving goals by applying PRICE method"

Malik Sb,
Your articles are always source of inspiration. Plz also give some tips to pass icap exams specially Management Accounting of Module F.

Thanks Sara – will write on that too; Have you read my article on 7 tips to pass exams? Visit: http://wp.me/PHUHq-d5
Again, thanks for your comments

Another nice post!!

P.S. Though I have been adding lesser comments, I have been reading all posts.

Thanks Jawad sb for your comments. Hope life is going fine. In this job, you appear to be quite busy and occupied. Thanks again.

WOW what an acronym! Easy to understand and easy to remember.

In the dictionary, some of the meanings of price are cost, fee, charge, and penalty etc. Due to this, I guess, price creates a negative emotion that we have to SACRIFICE something. But now we can create a new positive mental image of PRICE. We will be more WILLING for the PRICE.

Like SMART method, PRICE is another good addition to setting and achieving goals.

Thank YOU for sharing it with us. Your blog is really priceless.

Let’s pay & play the PRICE 🙂

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur

My pleasure Javed Sahib – When I was listening the audio tape, I thought its better to share this with all the reades so that we can not only remember but we can apply the same too. Really appreciate your generous comments; Kindly keep on sharing your thoughts and experiences on the blog.

Brilliant, Malik.

Thanks for sharing.

Keep inspiring and educating us.

You are doing a swell job, sir.

God bless you, always.


Thanks Nuruddin bhai for your generous appreciation – I still remember vividly your encouragement and motivation towards starting this blog – Many thanks and if you have time, I would be happy to post your experiences and thoughts from any best seller which you consider should be shared with others.

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