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7 secrets of success!

Posted on: January 25, 2011



We want to be successful. We are looking forward to find out the magic which can make us successful. We may wander at times: Why are some people more successful than others? (If you want to read about one habit which is common in all successful people, you may read it from: http://wp.me/sHUHq-786)

So, what is the magical formula to have success in our lives? Read the three things which all successful people learn to achieve success from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-cP

In this post, we will think over the seven secrets of success. In an interesting book: Destination success, the author (Dwight Bain) bring out seven secrets of success as follows:

Secret # 1: Define what success means to us?
If you think wealth = success, please rethink!

For many people, success may mean spending more time with family or success may mean freedom or success may mean reduced weight or any other thing. Hence, we need to define what success means to us. Read about 7 forms of wealth from http://wp.me/pHUHq-dr

Secret # 2: Success can be found any where
People may tend to think that we will be more successful if we get to xyz country or if our circumstances change. However, second secret of success is to remember: Success can be found any where, every where – even in our every day lives. Success is a mental resolve to keep going through any and all types of circumstances. Success does not mean ‘out there’. Success may mean ‘inside myself’.

Secret # 3: Break the self imposed barriers
It is said that ‘Impossible’ stands for: ‘I m possible!’

The only limit we have is the one which we impose on our thinking!. It is said: Sky is the limit. However, for people who intend to be successful, sky may not be the limit. One must avoid self destructive behaviour in daily lives like negative thinking, materialism, thinking short about one self etc. To be successful, limiting behaviour needs to be identified, watched and cured!

Secret # 4: Developing a personal discipline to find destiny
Read books, listen to successful people, find mentors, attend courses and be disciplined – this is recipe to be successful. All successful people take full responsibility of their lives. It is said that if we keep on doing what we are doing, we will keep on getting the results we are getting! To be successful, new skills must be learnt and applied.

Secret # 5: Belief is hidden source of inner strength
There are three steps which we can follow to turn our believes into our inner strength:
a. Awareness: We need to be aware of what we tend to believe e.g. I can’t pass this, its too difficult
b. Honest assessment: Step out of yourself and assess the belief: Is it correct?
c. Take action: We need to take aggressive action to change the believe and achieve our goal.

Secret # 6: Opportunity
Successful people have discovered how to find opportunity regardless of the circumstances. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” In the book, there is an example about creation of the game Monopoly. We also need to think that delays are not God’s denials. Here is an amazing story of Mr. Honda: http://wp.me/pHUHq-9X

In 1931, Charles Darrow lost his job along with countless others because of the Great Depression. But instead of becoming depressed, Darrow used his unemployment to unleash his creative ability and created the game Monopoly right on his kitchen table. He pitched the game to the company Parker Brothers and was rejected. So he decided to market the game himself, and amidst the depression, managed to sell it to people on the streets. So successful was he that in the end, Parker Brothers did buy his game. Darrow earned millions from the sale and the royalties.

We need to make challenges of life our friends and have to build the doors of opportunity in walls of adversity.

Secret # 7: Excellence

Whatever we do, we need to achieve professional excellence in the field. If we are doing job in finance, we need to be the best accountant. If we are studying, we need to be the best student. The commitment to personal excellence is a way of life that doesn’t require luck because it’s all about work – continual research, focus groups, beta testing, benchmarking, practical application, testing, retesting and learning from every failed attempt.

Last but not the least: Success is a mind set!

Wishing you all the successes in your life!

Feel free to share your thoughts.

14 Responses to "7 secrets of success!"

How to pass Kcpe

All a great deal of mind changing states, thanks for he ideas

no comnent beacuse u r already commented thanks sir g

sir g your artical is very helpful for planning enjoy life

Thanks Shoukar sahib for encouragement.

Very Good and useful. I think your destiny involves in your success as well.

Yes, that is another factor for consideration – Thanks for visiting and your comments

inshAllah boss

very good, useful, & practicle link Malik sb. It really gives new directions toward success. I would like to share here in this regard quote from the book of indian writer Mr. Shiv Khera. “Success does not mean absence of failures. Its means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not battle.”
Edwin C. Bliss

Thanks for appreciation. When we talk about the journey of life, it has to be considered on a long term basis, as stated by you. Looking forward for your continual sharing on this blog. Thanks again

Dear sir Malik,
this post has given me new confidence and rejuvenated me. I am feeling a new individual after reading this post. thanks again.
Farhan Ali

Thanks Farhan – your comments have given me a new energy to continue writing! all the best in your endeavours. Appreciate if you can give your thoughts on other posts too. Thanks again.

very well-written article … would just add that to the end of our days life remains a lesson imperfectly learnt; therefore, success should mean enjoying the simple things that are granted us gratis by the Merciful God.

Very true Sadaf – we should be grateful to God for all the blessings and enjoy our daily lives – Thanks for your comments. Appreciate if you can read other posts and share your experiences.

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