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How to make your own miracle!

Posted on: January 19, 2011

What made 55 cancer patients survive the disease which was declared as ‘not curable’ by doctors? Can a person make ‘miracle’? Paul Huff has an answer: Yes!

“Make your own miracle” is not only about patients who survived cancer, this book is more than that. In this interesting small book, Paul Huff defines miracle as not some thing super natural but for him, miracle means the performance by a person which defies the odds!

I recently read an interview with the author of the book. He explains that we can change our situation and make our miracle in any thing in which we feel distracted. He says that there are three things which we need to make our miracle. Those are:
i. Belief
ii. Expectation; and
iii. Focus

1. First, a person must believe that a miracle is possible. To being with, we need to believe in a certain concept. For a person who believes that miracles are not possible, he / she is right. His / her belief will make it happen, there won’t be any miracle!

2. Secondly, a person has to go beyond just believing the miracle is possible to a sense of positive expectancy. In other words, a person has to elevate belief from a sense of the possible to a sense of the inevitable. A person has to create that feeling of “certainty”.

3. Finally, a person has focus on the miracle itself. A person has to focus daily activities, thoughts and energy on the miracle.

There are two things important to focusing on the miracle. One – know what you want. Author says that lots of people focus on what they don’t want. People focus on the situation they’re in instead of the situation they want to be in. In order to make a miracle, we have to have a clear picture in our mind of our preferred future, not our current reality.

 So, we have to be absolutely sure of what we want and focus on that.

Not only do we need to focus on what we want, we also need to focus on “why” we want it.

The author says:

People who make their own miracle not only have a clear picture of exactly what they want – the result – they also have a compelling reason for wanting the miracle to happen. That compelling reason, if it’s strong enough, will literally pull us toward the miracle we want, despite the obstacles and roadblocks that might come up. Despite the odds. Despite the risks. Despite what other people say, think or do. As the great German poet and philosopher, Goethe said. “We each have only enough strength to complete those assignments that we are fully convinced are important.” Make sure you know what the miracle is, and make sure you know why you want it.

Your thoughts?


10 Responses to "How to make your own miracle!"

yes, as said, “what we see is always what we get.”

Some people believe because they see but some people see because they believe..

This reminds me of an interesting conversation. A person asked his master: What is worst than losing eye sight? The master responded: Losing your vision!

my pleasure. Surely, I would like to share some thing regarding the subject day by day.
“Deep within you is a unified field of limitless possibilites. When you become competent at going to this wondrous place you will discover an entirely new realm of human experience where all things are possible”.

Thanks for sharing – it is also said: whether you believe you believe you can or you believe you cannot, you are right!
What we believe, we can achieve.
Looking forward to read more of your thoughts

Excellent post. I would like also to text a quote here. All the ingredients of perfect life are here, just add faith.
By Wayn W. Dyer in his book “The Real Magic”

Thanks Nigah sahib for visiting the blog and your appreciation. If you have time, please have a look into other posts and share your experiences. Thanks again

I totally agree. We can make our own miracles. It has a lot to do with our faith. With a great amount of faith we can do just about anything if we put our minds to it. Great post!

Thanks Jim for your comments – really appreciate

I read your post alot.. This once really awsome.

Thanks Ameer for appreciation!

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