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3 lessons from the movie “Inception”

Posted on: January 9, 2011

Inception Movie

Do you believe in dreams? If yes, do watch the movie: Inception.

Dream within a dream within a dream – That is what inception is all about.

What are the three lessons I learnt from the movie?

Lesson one – Believe in dreams

One should believe in one’s dream.

Every invention we use in our daily lives, computer, internet, airplane etc was once a dream.

At times, people may laugh at your dream but if we are convinced the we can do it – we will be able to find some way to do it. But if we are not convinced of our dream, we won’t be able to achieve the desired goals. Many other words can be used interchangeably with dream i.e. goal, vision, desire, destination etc.

Lesson two – Differentiate between dream and reality

Reality or the ‘real world’ in which we live is different from dreams. When we dream or when we imagine, we can create virtually any thing. We can create things or we can think about things which are not practical e.g. we can fly without any gadget in the air –

However, our present world or the world we live in is different from the dream. Hence, we must distinguish and besides day dreaming, take real action to get things done.

Lesson three – Dream bigger and then work hard to achieve it

Instead of thinking how can you get there, first think big!

Having a big goal creates a positive energy which drives us towards our goal. Think about pleasures of achieving the dream instead of thinking about pains in the way.

You can watch the trailer from this link: http://inception.movie-trailer.com/

Happy viewing!

Note: If you have already seen the movie, please feel free to share your thoughts.

1 Response to "3 lessons from the movie “Inception”"

Havent seen the movie, but after reading this post plan to do so!! 🙂

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