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How to be a go-getter? – a story that tells you how to be one!

Posted on: January 7, 2011

Problems – obstacles – issues!

Challenging status quo and getting things done – These are two ideas practiced regularly in the corporate environment.

How many times do we hear: This cannot be done? or ‘This is the way its always done’ or ‘you can’t do it this way – we have past history on this’?

Who is a go-getter?

A go-getter is a person who can get things done and achieve desired objectives, no matter how worst the circumstances are or how scarce are the resources.

Interestingly, the book ‘go-getter’ was written in 1921 by Peter B. Kyne but after reading it now, you will find it quite relevant today, specially when we are given tasks which are not do-able. You may find English little ‘old’. However, after passing through a few pages, you will start loving Mr. Bill Peck, a person whose motto is: “it shall be done!”

The book is really small (around 62 pages) and can be read in one sitting, provided you can stand to older English in first few pages. Our hero, Mr. Bill Peck, the go-getter, needs a job after the war. Being job less, he is frustrated too. However, at the same time, he is confident that he will get the job. He is so confident that he has printed his visiting card in advance!This is the first step to be a go-getter: Have faith in yourself!

He goes to a company selling lumber wood and gets the job. He is a person with physical disability of one leg but still he gets the job on the promise that he will sell woods, no matter what the prices are! The story takes an interesting turn when Mr. Peck is asked to get a blue vase from a shop for the owner of the company where he is working.

When is he asked to get the blue vase? – On a holiday when the shop is closed!

Owner of the shop is not in town. Mr. Peck’s duty: To get the blue vase!


Was he able to do it?

In the era when there were no mobile phones, communication technology was not good and there were lots of other challenges, Mr. Peck’s story is really motivational one. I was able to find it on www.openlibrary.org and you may visit this link for free scanned copy of this book: http://openlibrary.org/works/OL4888371W/The_go-getter

If you have time, do read it. Share your ideas on becoming a go-getter!

Disclaimer: The above link is being shared for a non-commercial usage – The book is available on internet. Please check your country’s rule on intellectual property rights before downloading.


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