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Top 5 self help books

Posted on: January 4, 2011

Based on blogging for around a year now, I would like to list down top five books which I have found to be quite interesting and can be recommended as a preliminary reading for any one who is interested in learning, growth, self development and getting inspired.

I have developed the list with links from my blog so that you can read more about the book and some of the ideas after which you can make your mind about reading the whole book.

I would recommend these book to students, busy professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs and any one who is looking forward to learn from the experiences of other people. Here is the list:

5. What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School?

This is the book written by a person who created a multi million dollar business from an initial capital of US $ 500 – Marck Mc Cormack! If you are interested in learning from experiences of a street smart executive, this is the book to read. In areas of people management, sales and business, one can learn a lot from this book. You can read more from http://wp.me/pHUHq-6x

4. The power of thinking big

Dr. David Schwartz has written this inspiring book on developing a positive mental attitude through use of right vocabulary and right attitude. You can read more from http://wp.me/pHUHq-da

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

If you are interested to learn about secrets of rich, this is the book. Why are some people rich and why some are not? Are there some habits which rich people have and others don’t? R. Kiyosaki has written this powerful and interesting book in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Read more from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-S

2. Seven habits of highly effective people

What does it mean to be ‘pro-active’? Why are some people effective in daily lives while some are not? Stephen R. Covey has divided characteristics of highly effective people in two broad categories: self dependence and inter dependence. If you are interested to spot the young lady and read more about the book, here is your link: http://wp.me/pHUHq-5l

1. The Secret

One of the books which have received a lots of click on this blog – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Read more from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-4q

Happy reading – If you would like to share your ‘good book’ list, please feel free to post your comments.



21 Responses to "Top 5 self help books"

Great list!
And if you like these books I highly recommend you to read mine. It´s about making ideas happen. The purpose of the book is to help you program your mind to see ideas, obstacles and opportunities not just for what they are, but what they have the potential of becoming.



Great list, thank you for sharing it. I’d recommend reading “The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO” – another good one.

Dear Vitaly – thanks for appreciation – I have just ordered the book referred by you. Feel free to share your thoughts.

i like this website

Thanks Sajjad sb – you may share your experiences as well on this site.

I am currently reading a book recommended by another blogger. The book is entitled “59 Seconds”. It definately worth a read. Very good book.

Ryan Williams

Thanks for sharing Ryan – will try to see if i can find it


Thanks sir you share book plz share those book in urdu for captioned subject

Thanks Shouket sb – I am not sure if these books are availalbe in urdu or not. I have seen ‘seven habits of highly effective people’ in urdu but not sure about the other four.

Thanks for reply, plz give detail of books urdu that subjcet

Dear Shouket – two good books in urdu by Mr. Qaiser Abbas are:
1. Shabash tum kar saktey ho and
2. Tik Tik Dollar
You can find more details from http://www.possibilities.net or from his face book page
Secondly, Seven habit’s urdu translation is available as saat muasar logo kee adaat
Trust this serves the purpose – regards

The starting book for financial literacy, “Rich dad poor dad” is also available in Urdu with title “Ameer baap ghareeb baap” published by Takhleqaat, easily available at any good book store.

Thanks for the information Javed sb – This will help the readers who wish to read this interesting book in urdu.

Thank you for sharing these books. These ALL are great books. Your blog was great way of sharing good stuff ALL the year. You deserve a big applause 🙂

On my new year resolution I have goal of reading AT LEAST 12 new books in 2011 (one per month). Among your top 5 books list, the “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School?” is yet to be read.

It is said that “readers are leaders”, I guess it’s true 🙂

“The only difference between where you are NOW and where you will in five year from now are the people you meet and the books you read” (Charlie Jones)

Let’s m-a-k-e 2011 a great YEAR!

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur

Thanks a lot Javed sb – it was really nice to read your comments and the new year resolution. Perhaps, you may like to share a list of good books from your side too.


The book you recommended is enriched philosophy book and I honestly believe one can not get it in first reading.

Dear Malik Sahib

I admire your reading habbits and knowledge sharings.

Best regards

Thanks Hammad sb – you may share your book list, if you have some time – Many thanks for your support

And just BTW, in my opinion we can read the best book in the world but it can never inspire us to the extent that meeting with a wise and inspirational man helps in motivating us. My greatest inspiration and motivator has been an old friend of mine, and not a book. I’m sure Sir, you’ll agree. Just a comment!

Thanks Umair for comments – I would like to add here that a good mentor, perhaps, can provide the best inspiration. However, authors who have shared their experiences provide useful insight towards crests and troughs of life. Advantage which we get from going through books is many folds: Diversity of experiences, learning from working of other people etc. Again, meeting a person one on one and learning from him / her is obviously unmatched – thanks for sharing your thoughts

The best self-help book that I’ve read is slightly religious in nature. It’s a renowned book in Sufi circles titled “Kashf-ul-Mahjub” or “Revelation of The Veiled” by Hazrat Data Ali Hajveri r.a. The book is a great guide for any man who wants to get rid of bad habits, and discipline oneself.

Definitely recommended to anyone who wishes to improve himself. The book is more spiritually oriented instead of catering the material side of life.

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