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Can face book make you a billionaire?

Posted on: December 23, 2010

Can face book make you a billionaire?

It did made one person a billionaire and that too, at a very young age!.

Further, I should also say: Face book made a few persons ‘millionaires’ as well!

Can you dream of becoming a billionaire by the age 23?

Who was that billionaire? I hope by now, you would have taken a guess about the person whom I am referring to. It was

the founder of Face book, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg who became a billionaire by the age of 23.

Much has been said about him but there is no autobiography by himself. This gives rise to various guesses and estimates about the person. The movie ‘social network’ has been produced on this theme i.e. life of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard and how was face book created.

One thing which is clear from the story of Mr. Zuckberg:

If a person is innovative and is able to process his / her idea into reality, money will follow.

What counts is: the enterprising spirit.

Do you agree with this?

Many of us are users of Facebook. We may like it or we may not like it, the changing scenario of the world suggests that social networks are here to stay. Be it LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook or any other social network medium, people like to communicate, chat and connect to each other, particularly when they are young.

This instinct of ‘sharing’ was best utilized by Mr. Zuckerberg using his enterprising skills. In my view, besides various other factors which have contributed towards Facebook’s success is the enterprising spirit of its founder.

Can you make a million by using your enterprising spirit?

Happy thinking!

Note: You may read more about Mr. Zuckerberg from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Zuckerberg


14 Responses to "Can face book make you a billionaire?"


it doesnt just require u to be innovative bcoz world is never joing to appreciate ur work or ur ideas they will always look down upon you, you should also have the courage to fight for what u believe in and never give up the best example is the life of Quaide Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah (may Allah bless him)

Facebook, and other social networking sites are conclusive evidence that too much internet isolates one from society, and the desire for interaction with others is quenched by artificial means only. I’d prefer meeting people face-to-face rather than reading their texts on my computer screen.

Anyways, good post!

Very true – now on birthdays, instead of calling a person, people leave messages on FB!.. Again it depends on how we use social networks. It depends upon a person. This is due to internet and emails that we are better connected. In order to apprciate latest developments of social media, compare it with the days when there was no internet!

Thanks for your appreciation

Dear Sir, impressive. You not only post regularly but also reply to comments as well. Being your student, it is really motivational for us.

Thanks Sajid sb – The basic purpose of the blog was to share ideas from various books with my students. Later on, I thought to share these ideas with public / friends / colleagues and people who are interested in reading good books but don’t have time to do so. Hence, it really gives me pleasure when people provide their input and share their ideas on this blog. May I request you to kindly pass the information to other friends / colleagues who can visit the blog and share their thoughts too – Thanks again for your comments.

Malik sahb
i watched the movie and it was interesting 🙂

Movie was really interesting and i actually wrote this post after watching the movie! However, there is fiction and some ‘guesstimates’ included in the movie and its not the whole truth. Hence, i have not summarized the contents of the movie. Thanks for your comments.

Thank you soo very much sir….while reading this i got a new idea..i hope it work, i m sure it will…I’ll test it soon and surly let you know.

GOD bless u sir..

Happy Writing 🙂

Thanks Saleem for your comments – I hope your idea works and these writings help you in any way it can. Thanks again for reading and sharing your ideas. Do share with readers when your idea comes to life! – All the best

really interesting and motivational

Thanks Nasir sb – your comments are appreciated

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