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The world is Flat!

Posted on: December 17, 2010

Once upon a time, people used to believe that the world is flat. Then came a scientist saying the world is round and not flat. And now, we have Thomas Friedman who tells us that the World is Flat!

The author has presented the ‘history’ of 21st century and has analyzed the phenomenon of globalization in detail.

Now, people don’t need to migrate from one country to another  prove their innovation.

Through the use of internet technology, information about the work in one part of the world can move around the other parts of the world in an instant. It all depends upon the ‘skill set’ of marketing and presenting the services in a manner which can prove to be cost effective. One of the interesting examples given is about a traditional egyptian candle which was made locally by Egyptians which was used in local festivals. Now, thanks to China, electronic candles have flooded the egyptian markets and the local candles are fast disappearing!

In the interesting book, the author argues that now, we are in the era of  ‘Globalization 3.0’.

While globalization 1.0 was about countries going global, globalization 2.0 was about companies going global, globalization 3.0 is about an individual going global!

It all started on 11/9 i.e. 9th November 1989 when Berlin wall came down and the era of cold war ended. Earlier, the world was divided into two blocs: Soviet bloc and US bloc. Once this ‘block’ system was gone, countries had choice of going global without any pressure.

The main arguments given to prove that the world is now flat, Friedman says that with advent of computer, work flow softwares, outsourcing, off shore companies etc. people are free to work for employers whom they will never meet. People can now deliver goods and services to countries to which they will not necessarily travel – all through internet and improved means of communication (skype, e-bay, e lance etc.).

The world is now a level playing field in which a teacher sitting in India can teach maths to a student in USA.  A person in Canada can dial a Canadian number and register his / her complaint to a service representative never knowing that the person to whom he / she is talking is sitting not in Canada but in Bangalore!

The ideas expressed in this amazing book makes a person think: Am I using the web based technology in the optimal manner to market my services?

Happy thinking!


‘The world is flat’ presents ten factors which are termed as ‘flatteners’ (you may read more about those 10 factors from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_Is_Flat)


2 Responses to "The world is Flat!"

i still didnt understand how can globalization make the world flat?????

Thanks Alia for your comments. The basic theme of the book is: The world has not become a ‘level playing field’ with people living in india and china having opportunities to work for any one around the world through internet. They can earn money through many services which they can provide without travelling. Hence, people are living in a ‘flat’ world where opportunities have increased for people from every corner of the world.

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