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Life would be worth living if…….

Posted on: November 24, 2010



At times we are happy, at times we think: why are we here on this earth?

What are we doing and what is the purpose of life? At times we think that life is great while at times we think that there is no use of this life!

Is life worth living?

Jim Rohn mentions that life is worth living if we do four items which start from ‘if’ i.e. life is worth living if:

1. Life is worth living if we LEARN

Learning new skills, learning new ways of doing a job or doing business, learning news ways of living – learning makes life worth living. When we learn new things, our mind grows. Learning provides stimulus to mind. Learning helps us to challenge ourselves.

2. Life is worth living if we TRY

So, we learn every thing about motivation but we don’t try being motivated to achieve our goals. Would this be worth? We can make our lives worth living if we try to achieve our goals, our dreams, our desires on a daily basis!. Life is worth living if we try. It is said that the struggle is the meaning of life and defeat or victory is in hands of God but struggle itself is a person’s duty and should be the person’s joy.

3. Life is worth living if we STAY

At times we try but we are not successful. What should we do? Leave the effort? or should we try again? History is full of examples when people who were confident of their position worked hard and stayed in the condition of working for more than normal. When some one asked Edison Were you sad when you failed to develop electric bulb for 1,000 times? Edison replied: Failure? What do you mean by failure? Now I know 1,000 ways how not to make an electric bulb!

4. Life is worth living if we care

World can be a better place if we care for ourselves, for others, for environment and for every thing around us.

So, to conclude: Life is worth living if we learn, we try, we stay and we care!

What do you think?


4 Responses to "Life would be worth living if……."

“This is the true joy of life, the being used up for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”
– George Bernard Shaw

In my opinion, every person has a purpose in life and all of them consciously or subconsciously are aware of it. For example an ordinary man would be having the objective of doing well enough in life to get married and have children, and then work towards improving the quality of life of his family until “they live happily ever after”!

People perceive their life as worthless if they do not see themselves accomplishing this sole objective of life, and this causes great distress and depression to people. For a great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, his greatest disappointment would be not being able to realize his artistic potential. His life would be viewed by himself as worthless, unless he is able to meet the lofty standards that he perceives himself to be capable of.

Therefore, the worthiness of one’s life is hidden in the achievement of this unwritten sole purpose of one’s life. A scientist would feel an invention to be his life’s fulfillment, a professional accountant would wish to reach the great heights of his profession by working at the top management position in an excellent organization, and when you see that you are getting there, then you know that you have fulfilled your true potential.

Thanks Umair – from your side, what i guess is: Life is worth living if we ‘achieve’ our results. However, don’t you think this makes a person run against his / her goals with an objective of achievement only and in the process, forgets to enjoy the path?

Enjoying the path in most cases is a natural process for an artist for instance. But this is not the same for everyone. Not everyone aspires to be a perfectionist, and I’d like to think that almost all artists aspire to reach the level of excellence in their trade.

Enjoying the path, as you put it, works only with people who dedicate their lives towards their love, and their passion is their trade. This is very rarely the case with ordinary mortals, whose so-called sole purpose in life remains in the backdrop throughout their life. Surprise! Surprise! So many people are frustrated and unhappy with their lives! Because far from enjoying the journey, they are entangled in the routine of their daily life and are only able to dream.

If your passion becomes your trade, then you are naturally able to indulge into it, and you enjoy every moment of it. This dreamland is found mostly mostly by artists, and less often by people in other trades. At least that’s the way I see it!

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