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6 points on how to manage Anger?

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Do you become angry at times?

We all become angry when things don’t go our way. Why do we become angry?

Is it good to be angry?

At times, may be the answer is ‘yes, it is good to be angry’.

One of my friend provided me with a very good technique to reduce anger. He told me

Let your heart be like water. Water changes its shape with the vessel. Water become jug when we pour it in jug. Water becomes glass when we pour it in glass and like wise.

If you make your heart like water and you will get adapted to the circumstance which come along your way, you won’t be angry. Try this.

Why do we get angry and what are six points which we can learn to manage our anger? Here is a very interesting slide show on these aspects from www.slideshare.net Please share your thoughts. Hope you will like the slide show.

Your thoughts?


3 Responses to "6 points on how to manage Anger?"

@ Muhammad


I used to get angry a lot some years back, there were probably some useless frustrations in my life. But then I sat down alone (a practice that I continued for quite some days), and just thought about things and life in general. Contemplation, just the way we see things can be turned upside down, and it’s all up to ourselves. I realized if I want to remain happy forever then happiness should not ever be linked to any material thing.

There should be complete or at least a significant degree of indifference towards wealth and the opposite sex. The more wealth you have, the more likely that you wouldn’t be able to live happily without it. When you neutralize these two major issues, you have to a large extent nipped the sources of anger in the bud. You must not foster any expectations from other people, this is one of the biggest causes of anger.

And it helps a lot if you are a bit religious, because our Holy Prophet peace be upon him, suggested some brilliant ways to control oneself in anger, which are:

1. If you are standing at the time, you should sit down,
2. If you are sitting at the time, you should lie down,
3. You should have a glass of water.

Simple solutions to a complex problem, I’d go on to say that even if you do not follow any of these methods, just the mere disliking shown by the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, can have the desired effect on a true follower. The theory should be that if the Prophet dislikes something, I should dislike it too. And you work on it and remind it to yourself over and over again, until disliking the thing becomes your second nature.

The only downside is that pushed the anger management to the other extreme so that now I am utterly unable to display anger (sometimes it is the need of the hour). Therefore, while everyone should control their anger, they should always make sure that they keep a small window open for ventilation.

Also, contemplate moderately too as it can have the side-effect of making you an introvert.

Very well said Umair. Keep it up bro!

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