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Luck can be created – 3 characteristics of people who are lucky

Posted on: November 20, 2010

the luck factor

the luck factor

We can create our own luck!

We see some people around us who are lucky. They win prizes, lotteries, bonuses etc. It appears that lucky people are at the right place at right time. However, Richard Wiseman conducted a detailed research to find out what makes people lucky. Are there any characteristics of people who are lucky?

Surprising enough, Mr. Wiseman found out 4 characteristics which lucky people show and  in their daily lives!

Interesting isn’t it? What are those characteristics?

Based on research, he has described his four principles of luck in the book: The Luck Factor.

Those four principles are:

1. Maximise chance opportunities

2. Listen to lucky hunches

3. Expect good fortune

4. Turn bad luck into good luck

In this post, I will be writing on the first principle i.e. to maximize chance opportunities. This means that lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. Lucky people have a different personality from unlucky people. They have three characteristics which help them maximize chance opportunities:

1. Lucky people maintain strong ‘network’ of luck. It has been explained that lucky people are extrovert. They meet more people, they enter into more lucky draws and they connect to more people on daily basis. So, if you want to become lucky, try to be friend with more people. Talk to more people. Try to find new friends who can be helpful. Also, lucky people smiled twice as compared with unlucky people. (Therefore, please smile a lot if you want to be lucky)

2. Lucky people have relaxed attitude towards life. Lucky people are skilled in spotting opportunities that arise naturally. They don’t actively look for opportunities but their relaxed approach towards life help them notice whats happening around them.

3. Lucky people are ‘open’ to new experiences in their lives. Lucky people may try to reach their office through different routes!. Lucky people make random decisions at time.

What is your mantra of attracting luck? You can learn more about the book by clicking this: The luck factor

Here is a very interesting video on The Luck Factor and how Dr. Richard Wiseman created ‘scientific experiments’ to find lucky people :


5 Responses to "Luck can be created – 3 characteristics of people who are lucky"

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Thanks for the post, can i get the soft copy of the book.

Thanks Shafaat bhai – Don’t have the soft copy with me, though, hard copy is available.

Thank you for refreshing my reading of “The Luck Factor” by this review. I loved this one!

Thanks – this post is based on your recommendation.

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