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Facebook can be dangerous!

Posted on: November 5, 2010

‘You are fired’

‘Why Sir – What is the reason? I have not done anything wrong. How can you do that to me?’

‘You applied for a week’s sick leave and furnished doctor’s certificate’

 ‘Yes sir’

 ‘But we found your pictures at Jumairah beach Dubai, at Ibn-e-batuta mall and emirates mall. Further you did travel on metro of Dubai free of charge on November 1, 2010 and you bought Chinese stuff from dragon mart at Dubai. You were supposed to be sick during all this time’

‘This is absolutely wrong. Who told you that?’

 ‘My dear – next time when you lie, don’t put your pictures on face book. For the time being, you are fired!’

Just imagine the above.

Face book can be dangerous!

Employers can track what you are doing and that too, with proof. One of the consultants told me that their company has officially told them to update face book so that the senior management can be aware of their work and their location. At the same time, one of the dangers of face book is the ‘time’ element.

Don’t be surprised if next time, your HR manager gives you salary which is less than your monthly salary and when you ask for reason, you are told that: We added all the hours and minutes spent by you on face book and we have deducted those non-productive hours because company pays you for the time which you have worked!

Therefore, in my view, facebook can not only be dangerous, but it can prove to be lethal at times.

Also, one of the easiest way for anyone to track your ethnicity or affiliation is to scrutinize groups / pages and your likes / dislikes at face book. In face book era, nothing is confidential or private.

Though a person can argue that there are many advantages of facebook like we can find our old pals, we can see where a person has moved or is living at the present etc, it is not a good idea to use face book during working hours.

One of the recent surveys suggest that most of the Pakistani office workers waste their time on face book. I am sure that people in other countries also do that same as it is the easiest way to network, socialize and take out your frustration by giving comment you want to give. There are no restrictions on posting comments and a person can express his or her feeling in any way!

Therefore, face book can be good or bad, depending upon the way you use it. It has many advantages but at the same time, disadvantages too. So, next time, when you post on face book, be careful!

Your thoughts?


23 Responses to "Facebook can be dangerous!"

Don’t ruin your reputation, relationship, job or life.

I read a good article about social media. I hope it will help the other readers of this blog too.

DO’s and DON’Ts of social media http://tinyurl.com/6amzrwt

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur

Thanks Javed sb for sharing the interesting link – Kindly keep on sharing your experiences; really appreciate

This is the first time i am reading your blog and to be honest…THUMBS UP!! Referring to the topic, i think that its quiet immature for an organization to have pay cuts or to fire a person on the basis of FaceBook. I think every profession has this thing or moto “professional and personal life being separate from each other”. And I there is no logic in using FB as a source of evidence for any action professionally. There are millions and millions of reasons. Why would an organization waste time in counting the number of hours spent on FB for a pay-cut, when e.g, one can simply block the website on the local area network, or people have internet over their cell phones. Maybe im looking at this at too much an INTERNAL CONTROL PROCEDURE sort of a thing. I mean it has to be in the policy and procedures. Otherwise one cannot charge you for that. Its not practical. one cannot question whether a person was shopping at the mart or surfing at a beach on a sick leave. Its the persons sole right to decide what to do with his sick leave. My simple answer would be probably starting with a question ‘are you spying into my personal life?’ followed by ‘with who’s permission?!’ .. and than again.. its my right what i want to do when i am sick ! if surfing gets me out of a headache.. why not.. paranoid or not.. its my decision…

On the other hand.. shedding some light on FB..yes… there is no such thing as privacy.. but come on.. on the brighter side .. most of us do not know the tricks of eg viewing someones photos tab due of which one has limited access to. Its sort of….emmmmm…say….. KEEPING THE GATE CLOSED EVEN THOUGH THERE’S NOT A LOCK ON IT 😉 … but it is worthwhile to keep it closed (i just realized this is a topic in it self!!!)

With its pro’s and con’s FB is the silent killer more lethal than blood pressure. You don’t know you have it but deep inside its crawling in your skin and killing those blood cells. FB as a whole..THUMB DOWN !!!

Thanks Fahad sb for your comments and liking the blog – appreciate if you can spread the word to others. Here is an interesting link on yahoo news to show you about the actions which employers may consider against their employees:

On charging employees, I agree with you. Employers should not think about such things. It was ‘creative’ view of what employers might do 🙂

Thanks again for thumbs up for blog and thumbs down for FB………

I would like to request you all to share any ideas about blocking FB in our home/office preferably without using any third party software so that those addictives in our families/friends/collegues could be saved from such a harmful site. plz share your ideas…

Dear All

I am 100% agreed to block Facebook on worldwide level ………..

My Question is this, if Pakistani Government is not taking initiation then for what we waiting, we should stop using of Facebook. Today one will stop tomorrow 10 and more and more……….. We should correct ourselves first, all things will be sorted automatically.

So give me a hand, and make a promise not to use Facebook more in future.


Uzair sb – quite harsh views I must say! In my view, its people who make an invention good or bad. Its the usage. Even if FB is banned, there will be other channels of social media working on. On Internet world, its not possible to be so harsh. Tolerance and counter action may help.

Thanks Malik for touching upon a serious yet interesting subject. Everything you said is true, and it could become worse.
One thing that I have practically seen is the level of addiction of FB games like Farmville, MafiaWars & Texas Hold ’em Poker. One evening I was sitting with a 40+ year old gentleman, who was doing decently well and was getting a paycheck in six figures. Suddenly he looks at his watch and says I have to feed ‘them’. Little did I know that he was referring to his ‘people’ in Farmville or Fishville or whatever WILL and that you have to feed them frequently or they will die!
I was also informed by one of my students, who is pursuing an engineering degree from a reputed organization that she is addicted to Mafia Wars and can’t get out of it.
Hence, its imperative for all of us to know that apparently it seems like harmless fun, but in reality nothing could be worse than this. Yes, Facebook IS dangerous!
So, people beware!
I also wrote a blog post named “FarmVille or NO WILL: Are We Hooked?”. You can check it out here: http://twurl.nl/blyenq

Thanks Malik once again for sharing this.


Another downside of using Facebook besides lack of privacy is that its ADDICTIVE, HIGHLY addictive!!!! It’s actually taken over our lives, and is eating them like a termite! No matter how hard u try, u cant get over it 😦
(at least thats the case wid me)

So true Sarah, the addiction to use FB is some thing which cannot be avoided. It has become part of people’s life as it is a convenient way to connect with each other and know about activities of friends and family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The person who was fired could have said: those pictures were uploaded when i was sick and i found time to upload those pictures but the trip was two years old. Do I even look that fresh anymore. Working in your company has made me older, look again in those pictures sir……:)

haahaa! gud 1

Thanks for the suggestion – the person who was grilled by his / her boss could have made this excuse!

finding friends with which we’ve lost contact seems quite sensible, but when u login to facebook it will attract u with its other features. dtz y we r addictive towards it….sharing personal pix and thinking that by changing privacy settings we can only allow certain number of persons to see the pix or private infos….In my opinion there is no such thing like privacy in the world of net. And on the negative side we are doing nothing but wasting our precious time by attaching ourselves to facebook, and waste our energy in such a useless things.

Thanks Ahmed sb for sharing your thoughts. Again, it depends how a person use FB. I have seen many people using FB to promote their products, create user groups and obtain feed back from users. E.g. Super market chains have FB pages on which they interact with their users and get comments. You have rightly said that in this era of internet and social media, privacy is becoming a remote thought. Thanks again

Malik Saheb – You have picked something which is central to day to day e-life of youngsters, including professionals.

Well, I agree that we should not put up lot of personal details on facebook, which could harm us directly or indirectly. The other day I was reading on news.com.au where they had a story of wife cucking her husband through her friend on facebook. On the other side, I can not chew why manamagenet or HR would be spying on their employees, and that too deciding someone’s pay cuts or firing someone on the basis of ‘facebook’ activities. If management find out someone cheating on (by taking off pretending himself or herself sick, but he or she is not) then they may need to look at what are the reasons. Probably, there is something wrong with the work environment, ethics at workplace or poor management style. Even if you come across these kind of behaviors and find no specific reason for weird behavior at work then probably management should think of ‘cost benefit’ analysis i.e. contribution of individual to the company versus weird behaviors. If the contribution prevails then these things need to be ignored. Likewise, I am sure if someone starts looking at contribution of management then I would not be surprise with evidences of ‘collusion’, ‘fraud’, ‘misrepresentation’, or ‘financial or non financial embazzelment’ etc etc. Interestingly, the employees do not get a clue of such evidences as such plans are thought through, covered and caveated.

I also feel that management in current era should understand what are the current trends and what kind of attitude they can expect from current or prospective employees. So, management can come up with some revisions to the existing policies and procedures to make sure that employees are happy at work. If those revisions include letting employees use internet at work, then let’s live with it. The clever way to restrict usage of internet could be charging employees back for the service on accelerated rates. For example, for a particular day, 1hour of internet could be free of charge, but usage beyond 1 hour or 2 hour could cost 15 Rupees per hour, so on and so forth. It would be like, if you spend time on internet (except office related work) and don’t work, I will take your salary away. At the end of year, look at 12 salary slips to find out how much time someone has spent on internet, and then put it in the appraisal.

Thanks Adnan sb for sharing your experience. You have really pointed out some very key ideas for management of organizations. Instead of looking into consequence, key factors which caused those consequences should be evaluated in detail. Internet is necessary but excessive usage of the same may not be productive. Your idea is really interesting and in my view, is workable too. Thanks a lot for sharing. Your thoughts are really appreciated.

I applaud for the creators of such sites to have found gold on the web and i too would tap right in, join the category of people who extract their goals from lazy people who have nothing better to do that play farmville and brag about what they’re doing.

Winner: site creators
Loser: people using it

Thanks Basil for sharing your thoughts. One of my friends commented that we are happy to discuss that I know two more commands of Excel or Word but we rarely discuss how to create new programs / new products which can be mass distributed.

Facebook does not have to be all bad. We need to be very selective in the information we share with others, and we should not rely on Facebook as our main social tool. But too many of us rely on Facebook as our main source of social interaction and in the long run it will breed extremely anti-social people who are unable to function with comfort in the real world.

Our relationships can suffer because of Facebook. Do you call up your brother anymore, or do you just send a message? Facebook becomes a problem if you are replacing face to face, and voice to voice contact with online messaging. When it comes to close personal relationships, viewing photos and chatting online is no replacement.

Remember, friendship is more than just knowing a person over the internet.

Dear Hussain – what you have pointed out is so true – Instead of calling a friend and wishing him / her happy birthday, we rely on a simple one liner or a few lines on FB. One of the issues with ‘virtual’ world is too much addiction with computers and less social interaction. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

Hi, Ok oK YOU ARE RIGHT! but you know playing games on FB like fishville is really refreshimg at times (in the chutti time from office ofcouse) and plus its a pleasure finding friends with who, we lost contact in childhood!

I think it really takes lot of time to play these games. Besides, its all matter of time and interest – thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

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