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One disease; common in all of us – do you have this?

Posted on: October 16, 2010

think big

May God give you all the best health – However, there is one disease which is found in almost all people around the world.

Regardless of age, regardless of culture, religion or occupation – all people around the world suffer from this disease – one way or the other.

There are only a few lucky people who don’t have this disease. Once you have read this, you can share whether this disease has ever attacked you or not?

That disease is called:


What is “excusitis”?

Exusistis is the disease of making ‘excuses’.

“I am not happy in my job because my boss is not good”.

“I can’t do much in this country as there is no governance”.

“I can’t start my business because I need capital”.

“I can’t be promoted because they need certain age for this post”.

All the above are words from a person who is suffering from this deadly disease. The words ‘ I can’t do this….’ are the symptons of the disease.

The effects of this diseases are quite significant. We don’t do what we want to do because of this disease. We start living in a world of ‘self-limiting’ believes. Is it so?

Dr. Schwartz has suggested that ‘excusitis’ can only be cured by ‘action’ and nothing else.

Big thinking with action – once combined, prove to cure excusitis. There are other ideas from this interesting book which I will share in coming posts.  Though Dr. Schwarts has provided his own suggestions, what are your thoughts?


21 Responses to "One disease; common in all of us – do you have this?"

Sir i really admire your statement in one of the earlier blogs.
“Whether you believe you can do it or not you are correct in both cases”
probably this fits well in these circumstances


Thanks Farhan for your comments; really appreciate your visiting the blog.

Really a bad disease, i was a victim few years back….

The important thing is to differentiate between an opportunity and a trap.

Its sensible to take an opportunity but its idiotic and irrational to jump in quick sand and take a challenge to cross it.
One can cross it but with proper planning and identifying own resources.

Thanks for sharing i’ll try to not became a victim again

best regards
Saleem Surani

lots of thanx sir for such inspiring words u put here to teach people specially young generation.

Thanks Ms. Bano for your comments and appreciation. We all need to think positive in all circumstance, no matter what. It is really really difficult when some mishap has happened. However, practice is the key i.e. action cures fears! You may like to visit other posts and share your thoughts.

can anyone give me the link to download complete PDF formated book of THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG?

PDF version has to be searched out – however, audio is available on http://www.4shared.com

Sir very good stuff. But thanks to Allah Subhan hu Tala, He escaped me from this disease uptill now. I pray to Him please keep me escape from this disease.

This is a good news as there are people who have power, zeal and motivation to remain focus on what they are doing. Nice to have this note from you Qamar. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mirza sb that is 100% true

Thanks Shuket sb for your comments

Disease, tendency or habit ? ………..This maybe someone’s slothfulness or if he is not interested in doing so. Such people wouldn’t like to face challenges or if I can say, that those who don’t want to face risk would be a good example. Or some people would not be interested in doing that particular activity.

Either those people are not willing to face challenge or the intended reward is not enough to motivate people to take action. ‘Pain – Pleasure’ principle states that a person will be willing to take pain if pleasures are attractive after achievement of task in hand. Thanks for visiting and your comments.

It is one of the aspect of human nature to avoid doing things, procrastinate the essentials until he faces the death. This has been stated overtime in the Quran.

Thanks Amin sir for visiting the site and your comments. Appreciate if you have time and you can go through other posts to share your experience and provide comments.

I actually laughed my head off after reading this, because I suffer from excusitis 🙂 and never thought that it existed!!!

Thanks Sarah for both your comments and liking the back ground. Your feed back really gives fuel to write more on these topics. Keep on sharing your thoughts, visiting and sharing your experiences

Good job! BTW this new background is a pleasant change. Keep up the inspiring work, Sir!

There is a problem with socially rational but isolated maxims. Those are too shallow. Excuses may seem to be a disease through such maxims, but in psychoanalysis it is the most important action in itself that helps one to overcome his shortcomings, failures, in fact more intrinsic, self consolidation. Read Jacques Lacan, specially in relation to Psychosis. Nevertheless it does not mean that excuses must be the only action required to be performed for overcoming the failures.

Thanks Irfan sir for your comments. Popular management books intend to explain ideas in simple terms. I have gone through one article by Lacan and he inspired me with his views. However, it takes time to read Lacan and obviously it needs lots of concentration. In this book: The magic of thinking big, the author has suggested ideas on overcoming our excuses on not doing what we intend to do- kindly keep on sharing your experience and ideas.

nice one sir.

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