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3 things people learn to become successful

Posted on: October 10, 2010

We have read many stories about successful people in the world – Scientists, Artists, sports people, businessmen or any one else –  What are the key areas which all people have to learn before they become successful?

Is it some magical word or is it some habit?

People become successful when they learn how to handle three things.

Successful people learn how to handle:

1. Frustration

2. Rejection; and

3. Financial pressure

Successful people learn to handle their frustrations, rather, they learn how to handle frustrations after frustrations.

The world we live in is not perfect. Things don’t go as planned. Projects miss their deadlines. People don’t behave the way we want them to behave. Exams are not always passed in first attempt – Result – people become frustrated.

Therefore, we need to learn on handling frustration and keep on doing what we are doing. The multi-billion dollar company FEDEX  or Federal Express was not at all successful when it began its operations. Its owner had to learn how to handle his frustration. The owner expected to deliver 150 parcels in first week. Instead, FEDEX delivered 16 parcels out of which 5 were delivered to an employees house. FEDEX employees were always afraid if their company will have enough money to pay their salaries. However, the owner learnt to handle frustration after frustration and one day, FEDEX become a success.

Second thing successful people learn is the way they handle rejection.

Ask any successful salesman who is earning a six digit salary and he / she will tell you that the secret of success is in handling rejection – A bend in the road is not the end of the road; if you can take the turn!

One of the biggest human challenge of our time is that people are not tuned to accept ‘No’.

One of my friends, who is a successful insurance agent told me: Don’t think that No means end of story.

IF some one rejects you by saying ‘No’; Think that: ‘No’ means ‘Not Over’!

Therefore, try again. Don’t be afraid of listening to No. Handle it – Train your mind that its not over yet.

Third and final thing which all successful people learn is how to handle their financial pressures. People wait for right time and right circumstances and when they will have enough money to do what they want to do. However, out of every pay check or earning, if people can set aside 10% towards charity, 10% towards future capital and 80% towards their spending, this will help to set aside some amount every month as a capital towards their future.

Financial pressures are a reality and only good spending and earning habits can be used to deal with it.

The above ideas are from Anthony Robbin’s book: The unlimited Power

Your thoughts?

7 Responses to "3 things people learn to become successful"

I believe that the end result of anything bad, that happens to you, is: FRUSTRATION! Rejection and financial pressure both give rise to FRUSTRATION, so its all about being patient, resilient and have a positive attitude towards every hurdle that you come across. Only then can you really surpass all the frustrations life brings you!

Patience is a virtue and time heals many wounds! Once a person understands that ‘time will pass’ and to control frustration, positive attitude towards life can be developed – thanks for visiting and your comments – really appreciate

Thank you Mr Malik. You are bringing up good stuff REGULARLY and in digest-able bits.

I believe that with little change of attitude and pro-active approach it’s EASY to handle these situations then to AVOID them.

“Smooth road never make you a good driver.” If you want success, be ready to WELCOME the unsmooth roads of life.

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur
Lahore, Pakistan

Smooth road never make you a good driver – well said Javed Sahib; The key is to implement these ideas on a regular basis in our lives so that these become a habit.

Your collection for this articles is very good , I read this articles that give me support for life

I started the exam preparation; I leave the bed at 4.00 am and then start study, thanks for your kind advice

I fully agree with you. The biggest secret is not to make any such thing a big issue!

Thanks Hammad sb for your comments

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