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How to beat our biggest enemy?

Posted on: October 5, 2010

How can we overcome our biggest inner enemy?

Now that we have realized that Mr. Resistance is our biggest inner enemy (Refer to the previous posthttp://wp.me/pHUHq-cK ) , the question is: How to beat Mr. Resistance?

Every one of us will come with our own solution to beat Mr. Resistance.

Maintaining status quo – Doing nothing and continuing with the existing state of affair is the most convenient option! (What do you think?).

When a person met a young boy who was sitting on riverside and catching fist, he said: Why don’t you come with me to the city?

‘What will I do?’ the little boy asked.

“In city you will study”. The boy asked: “Then?”.   

“You will have a nice job once you finish your studies”. “Then?”. “You will have lots of money”. “Then?”.

“Then you can come here and catch fish all the day”.

To this, the boy replied: “What do you think I am doing now”. There can be 101 reasons of not beating Mr. Resistance. However, if we want to achieve what we want to achieve, we have to attack Mr. Resistance. How can we beat Mr. Resistance?

The answer is quite simple. The answer is:

We can beat Mr. Resistance by turning into a ‘pro’.

What do we mean by being a ‘pro’? (pro stands for professional).

What are the qualities of a professional?

Look around and see the people who are professionals in their fields. What are their qualities?

Lets take example of professionals working in an office. What do they do?

They show up to their work at a fix time on a daily basis. Professionals stay at the job daily, from morning till evening. They are committed. They work for money. Professionals know that they should be expert in their jobs.

Compare professionals with amateurs. Amateurs or young people with no job don’t show up daily. They are not experts and they don’t spend morning till evening in front of a desk.

A professional is on a mission. He or She does not tolerate disorder. He / She is committed. Same zeal and passion is required to overcome Mr. Resistance.  A person once asked a writer: How can you write so beautifully? He responded: I write when I am inspired. Thanks God that I am inspired every day at 9 a.m. in the morning! To overcome Mr. Resistance, you need to make Mr. Discipline your friend.

A professional accepts no excuse and just ‘work’. That’s the key to beat Mr. Resistance – To work!

When Mr. Resistance calls you, don’t pick his phone.

Just invest your time with Mr. Work and Mr. Discipline. Explore more qualities of a professional and you will find that to beat Mr. Resistance, a professional attitude is needed!

Your thoughts?


4 Responses to "How to beat our biggest enemy?"

Normally any person have there own weaknesses because our best enemy is our self,shadow.To be frank and concerned about the reality that depend the situation and case.Looking forward,everyone must know how to balance every situation or case.

after reading this article I’ve realized that how much i am influenced by Mr. resistance even though i am thoroughly inspired by Mr.Pro. Its a problem of our habits when they become mature thy become a part of our nature.
And very oftenly we follow it just to satisfy our Ego.
We keep our eyes shut to see the realities and and when we realized it becomes so late.
So thanx for your nice,kind and simple words which can change some one for being resist in front of nothing

Very rightly conveyed, that its basically a duel between a Pro and Mr. Resistance! The more focused you are, the more professional you become and the greater the chance of winning against Mr. Resistance…. Thnku sir for sharing!

Thanks Sarah for your comments – professionalism counts!

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