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4 qualities of a good BOSS – Do we have them (or does our BOSS have them?)

Posted on: September 26, 2010

What is the main function of a supervisor or ‘the Boss’? We can come up with countless ideas on the main function of a boss. However, it is widely accepted that the main function of a boss is to motivate.

The boss need not to be present every time to see the employee working properly.  So, let’s look around and see who is the great boss around us? We can find answer in our family.

The best bosses are….

Our parents!

They know how to motivate, educate and discipline.

What are the four characteristics of good bosses?

1. Good bosses simplify things and ideas:

Good bosses ensure that their sub-ordinates understand the objective and the expectations about results in simple and clear terms.

2. Good bosses are great informers

What are the three key roles of information for a boss?

To a good boss, information has three functions: to inform, to instruct and to motivate

Information needs to be balanced. A good boss understands that passing too much information may prove to be harmful. Therefore, a good boss understands that: “The information that doesn’t push people forward and get them on the right track is need less information”

3. A good boss does not have to be a boss

People try to make sweeping changes when they become boss. They blame predecessors and try to knock down previous policies (does this sound familiar?).

Good bosses make slow changes and not sweeping changes when they become a boss. Instead of criticizing the past, they learn from the past and build the present for a better future. A good boss does not have to be a boss. He helps people so that eventually, they won’t need him. It is said that one of the characteristics of a good leader is that when the work gets finished, people say: We did it ourselves!.

4. A good boss does not need to be a star

A coach or a boss is not good in all areas of work. Every one has got his / her weakness and strength. A good boss knows about his / her strengths and let others cover his / her weaknesses.

What are your thoughts about a good boss?

The ideas are from Mark H. Mc Cormack’s book: 110% solution


23 Responses to "4 qualities of a good BOSS – Do we have them (or does our BOSS have them?)"

What I have learned in my practical experience is one lesson. HARD WORK. If you can show to your boss that just relax, i am there to manage every and anything, you are a successful subordinate.
As a Boss, give task and follow it up.
Most importantly (I think I have this fault also) don’t be in panic and stay COOL. I always remember one old saying in Pashto “if the beast has to come after one night, don’t be scared of it as yet”

If the beast has to come after one night – don’t be scared of it today – Well said Aftab sb; Thanks for sharing your experience.

Gallop polled over 1 million employees who thought they had a great boss and asked them one question. Why?

The number one reason was the boss was WILLING to LISTEN what THEY had to say.

Never forget: It’s the LITTLE things, not the big ones, that will EARN the respect of your people.

Javed Iqbal
Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur
Lahore, Pakistan

One thing that seems to be almost always there, is that people who find their bosses irritating due to certain traits, they themselves acquire those traits upon becoming a boss.

There has to be a process of self reflection and being courageous to accept and change according to where one’s weaknesses are.

Practical situation ….

If u r too good … ur boss might find his own seat in danger …

So he ll make sure to keep you in your limits by not delegating much to you and by not allowing you to express yourself fully …

Thanks Noman for sharing the experience – What you have said is quite true; However, if effective management is to be practice, a Boss need to think long term which include succession planning – kindly keep on sharing. Regards

the real issues of life are brief in appealing manner

Delegation of work, which will help subordinates to learn. Working on something new with boss -side by side and appreciations on good work are other essential qualities – thanks for the sharing the passage

So true Ajmal – kindly keep on sharing your thoughts and experiences

In short

A good boss is like a good friend.

Well summarized Ashraf – I hope bosses understand this and if we are acting as boss, we understand this. Regards

“Good boss makes slow changes” from my experience I have seen mostly people relate slow changes with slow performance of manager specially if he/she is new to the company.
Another quality of good boss in my view would be he/she has trust of his/her team. I guess thats a difficult task but once you have their trust you can easily get the output you want out of them.

Malik sahab I would like to see an article on how to manage difficult personalities in your team; (if you ever get a chance) – not the ones with skill gap but the ones with attitude issues. That would be very helpful for all of us.
JazakALLAH khair….

Dear Sidra – thanks for sharing experience. What you have said is so true – People consider slow process with inefficiency at times and this is the challenge which a good boss need to cope up with. Thanks for suggesting the article on managing difficult people. Let me find out about it – Keep on sharing your thoughts and experiences – regards

very well said ….. It’s useful article ” point no.4 “A good bosS does not need to be a star” every one has a weakness & strength…..’ the best choice is to be a middle character (when u r a bosS)*

Thanks Zakaria sb – During one of our trainings, a trainer remarked that the coach need not to be best in all aspects of life. The Coach or the boss is good in a particular area. It may happen that sub-ordinates have more skills than the BOSS but it is the Boss who gets work out from sub-ordinates – thanks for comments again – keep on sharing your thoughts when you have time.

Nice Pick

Thanks Nasir sb – please feel free to suggest topics on which you would like to see more posts – regards

thank you for sharing fine material

Nice.And as far as my experience is concerned I’ve hardly ever come across bosses/instructors who adopt point no.3 in their lives, which I believe is the MOST vital one to becoming a GOOD boss!

Thanks Sarah – To implement point 3, a person needs vision and a very open attitude towards human development. Kindly keep visiting and sharing your comments / observations / experiences

Good article.. 🙂

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