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Relaxation – some unique techniques to reduce stress

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Do you feel stress at times?

Do you think you feel tired after working in office or at home or your place of business?

Are you looking for a way to relax in a short period of time?

I think ‘Reiki’ can help you!

One of the ways to reduce stress is called ‘Reiki’ (meaning ‘universal flowing energy’.

Here is a very captivating prayer which I just found while reading the book: Reiki – self healing. Just feel this prayer. whenever I have practiced it, my day has really passed very well. Sharing with you all:


Just for today – I will not anger

Just for today – I will not worry

Just for today – I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today – I will do my work honestly

Just for today – I will be kind to all living things


‘Reiki’ is an old technique for healing, relaxing and reducing stress.

It is based on the concept that energy is present in ‘every thing’ whether living or non-living.

When a person is sick, basically his or her ‘dis-ease’ is caused due to problems in flow of energy. Once the energy flow is corrected, the person will feel good. It is reported that by using reiki techniques, people have cured cancer!

So, lets simply start by the basics i.e. what I have been reading in the book: Self Healing Reiki by Barbara Emerson.

Basic concept: Through the energy inside one self, a person can cure one self or others. A person can reduce stress by practicing very simple reiki techniques.

Just think: Energy is flowing from the universal source into our head and then through our hand to any place where we place it.

One position for self healing is as follows:

Trying is believing!

Here is a video I found on You Tube with all the postures which can be used for relaxing. Take out some time and see it. Try the techniques and see what happens:



5 Responses to "Relaxation – some unique techniques to reduce stress"

I’m not sure if this thing works. It is not this thing in itself that works, but the belief that it is benefiting you that makes you feel better. It’s all in the mind!

Well said – try it – proof of the pudding is in eating!

On a personal note, I took out a print out of this prayer and had it pinned to the wall of cubicle where I sit.

Thanks MM 🙂

Thanks Jawad sb for sharing your personal experience – really appreciate

Nice exercise, it really works.

but not in pakistan……… where it better to beat the drums to relax your nerves. lolz

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