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10 qualities of a great leader; Do we have what it takes to be a leader?

Posted on: August 29, 2010

“I want to lead in my job”

“I want to lead in my business”

“I want to lead in my work”

Do we have what it takes to lead? At home or work, there are people who lead and there are people who follow. People generally want to be a leader. However, the question is: Do we have what it takes to be a lead?  Here are ten attributes of a leader:

1. Courage:

A leader is courageous – No one would like to follow a person without courage. Non-courageous leader cannot lead for long!

2. Self control:

A person who cannot control himself / herself cannot control others

3. Justice:

Can a leader be unjust? Can he / she treat some people one way and some people other way?

4. Definiteness of decision:

A person who leads is steadfast in his / her decision.

5. Definiteness of plans:

Successful leader must plan his work and works his plan. It is also said: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

6. Habit of doing more than paid for:

A leader has courage to deliver more than expected from him / her. People who deliver what is expected of them are, generally, followers.

7. A pleasing personality:

A careless person cannot be a leader. Followers will not respect the leader who does not has a pleasing personality.

8. Sympathy and understanding:

A great leader understands people. He / She understands problems of people and strive to find solution.

9. Mastery of details:

A person who is not keen on details cannot hold the leadership position for long.

10. Willingness to assume full responsibility:

The successful leader assumes full responsibility of work done by his / her followers. If one of the followers fail, leader considers that he has failed! If a person in the team is successful, leader give full credit to that person for success and celebrates the team work!

So, do we have what it takes to be a leader? Share your thoughts

The above ideas are from Napoleon Hill’s best selling book: Think and Grow Rich.



34 Responses to "10 qualities of a great leader; Do we have what it takes to be a leader?"

That’s Classic
Bro but i think there is one thing missing in my point of view an thats integrity
A peraon without integrity never be a good leader
Rest its awesome very comprehensive

thank you so much sir Malik Mirza, I highly appreciate your works and efforts. This is very useful for my leadership subject. May the Lord God continue to give you more wisdom for you to be able to post more informative topics. Keep it up!!!

[…] Will you be a leader when it comes to the good things in life? If you FOCUS on becoming a better person, and giving more and doing more for others, you’ll become an individual that others can respect and will respect in the days to come. You won’t build an empire overnight and you won’t become a millionaire overnight, but you will change yourself first and the lives of others. […]

it is a great conclusion for the attributes.

there’s a lot of blog i’ve been seen for searching what a leader should posses then suddenly i found your’s and it’s really a such blog to be really seen with.. thanks for posting this.. 🙂 ur great..

thanks bro this really helped with my trip to hoby on what it takes to be a leader

Malik Mirza is a great resource who shares his knowledge in an easy way by making it interesting for the readers.

Thanks Adeel for appreciation

Hi Malik my name is Sergio, i just wanted to let you know that your information here is very informative, and i was wondering if i could use some of your posts for my website. I will provide links back to your blog, and your name on each post. Let me know if you’re interested. My website is new. My website is http://www.MyEntrepreneurGuide.net. Thanks for your time.

Thanks Sergio – You may use any article from my blog – appreciate if you can just put a link to my website. Also, may I request you to visit my redesigned website which is updated on a regular basis. It is http://www.wisdomfrombooks.com. Let me know if you wish me to write something for your website – good luck!

These are really great, but I think you should have added honesty…
this is really an essential quality.dont you tnink so….. 🙂

I agree with you – honesty is one of the qualities which should be present in the leaders – the question is: what do we really mean by honestay? A liar can be honest! What do you think?

thank you.

My pleasure Vignesh

These are all great attributes to have, and surely will make a great leader. I was just wondering that one thing i.e. Oratory, is missing. Maybe we can include it under your heading of “Pleasing Personality”.

Oratory is very important. I’m sure you’ll agree with me. How and what one says, has such a profound effect on the listeners. Some people can talk for hours but most of it is useless stuff. While great leaders, say a lot very precisely.

Thanks Umair for comments. There are leaders with great oratory skills and there are leaders without great oratory skills but those are still great leaders… Take a look around and see. I agree that oratory is one of the essential skills but not ‘the’ most essential skill. Your comment on pleasing personality heading seems adequate – thanks for sharing your thoughts

Here’s a list of some great orators in the past:


This talent did give these super-heroes more control over their audience. Otherwise Alexander the Great would not have been able to make his troops fight galantly over and over again.

However, I take your point that a leader with a sublime character and a charismatic personality need not be a good orator.

Thanks for sharing Umair sb – really interesting link.

Dear Malik,

I really appreciate your work and efforts. Please keep it up and surely reasers will get good guidance from this.

Looking forward for more value stuff being posted.


Dear Zaman sb – thanks for your appreciation and comments. Kindly inform others about the blog to have comments and learning from other readers. Thanks once again.

Good point, though sometimes it’s hard to arrive to definite conclusions

I have seen that people tend to find arguments in favor of/against what they wish the result to be.

For those who see leadership an inherited, they could quote tons of examples where leaders were leaders because they inherited it.

For others who believe in work, leaders have to burn the midnight oil learning the skills and practicing those.

In the end, its about ourselves. If we want to do something, we would find a way to do it, and if not, then we would find an excuse for not doing it!! 🙂

hey that is a great work. Plus, the leaders are not made instead they are born. so if you are a born leader you already posses these qualities. it’s all about enhancing them.

Dear Tariq – thanks for visiting and your comments – Skills can be learnt and a person can learn to become a leader…..

Great Malik Bai,

I am working on One right now

Willingness to assume full responsibility:

Malik, you are the best!!! Thanks for your time and sincere effort for posting us these words of wisdom!!

Thanks Sheila for your kind words and visiting the blog – Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts 🙂

Aslamo aliqum

thanks dear its really a good overview of the qualities of a good leader

My pleasure Hamid Sb – thanks for visiting and your comments

Dear Malik
I would like to thank you so much for these useful and reach web and information and like to say to you Go On and may our beloved God bless you

Thanks Derar sb for your kind wishes

This was a really good read. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Basil sb for visiting and your comments

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