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3 simple techniques to reduce stress which any one can try

Posted on: June 6, 2010

In today’s world, people feel stressed out – due to their situation in business, in office, in school, university or any where and they want to get de-stressed.  What are some tricks and techniques to get rid of stress? Many people play sport to get stressed out but what if you don’t have time to go to the ground and play? In the book: Never Give Up, Donald Trump suggests an interesting tip which is sports and not a sport at the same time. He suggests that

 he is interested in golf. So, he has got a golf stick in his office. When there is stress and he wants to remove it, he just picks the golf stick and start to ‘think’ that he is playing golf!

This ‘thinking about fun’ changes the state of mind immediately and stress is gone. This can be tried by us too.

Second idea is to remove negative people with positive people. Look around you and you will find many people who start at negative and end at negative. For them, there is nothing good in the environment, in their country, in their city, in government, in school, in office – every things is against them, nothing positive. Do you want to de-stress yourself? Try company of positive people – People who see positive in ever thing, people who try to find opportunities in problems. One of the teachers told us a story: There were two sales men who were engaged in the business of selling shoes. Their company sent them to an island in Africa. When one of them landed on the island, he found that no one, not a single person wore shoes. So he called the company’s head office and asked them: Send me the return ticket. I am coming back from the next flight.

The second sales person lands on the island and sees the same thing: No one on the island wore shoes. So, he makes a call to his head office. What does he say?

He tells his head office: There is a huge market for shoes – no one wears shoes and we have lots of customers. So, ship as many pairs of shoes as you can!

Third technique to de-stress: Keep photos of parents, children, family and your achievements in your surrounding. These photos will remind about the positive aspects in our life. Photos lead a person’s thinking toward the most important aspect of one’s life and reminds about the achievements in one’s life…. Trying is believing!

What is your technique to reduce stress?



3 Responses to "3 simple techniques to reduce stress which any one can try"

I use first technique pretty much every day. Instead of golfing, I practice batting(baseball). And twice a day, if I get time, I hit batting cages.

I specifically would want to comment regarding the second technique, replacing negative people with positive people.

Infact I would say that there are people the mere thought of whom makes us feel stressed….. what to say about their presence. And there are ones to whom we look upto meeting and these are the ones who make us feel happy and in a positive way.

It has been a long tradition to have regular company of good persons who can inspire and lead us. For those of us, who cannot have such regular interaction, reading books/articles would be a great alternative. With a little experimentation we would be able to find authors whose “frequency” seems to match ours and who would have a tremendous effect in shaping our lives.

Thanks for Malik Mirza for sharing!!

Nice blog with creative ideas. Please carry on.

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