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Never give up!

Posted on: May 24, 2010

Billions of dollar in debt, USD 975 million in personal guarantee, people telling you that you are a failure, Wall Street Journal & New York Times running stories against one person, both on the same day  – What happens next?

The person in the middle of storm gives it all a turn around – The Guinness Book of World Record terms the turn around as the biggest financial turn around for the history. Who is the person who made it happen?

Meet Mr. Donald Trump

He explains his situation as: “That was the lowest moment I had yet encountered in my life. The phones in my office were even quiet, which had never happened before. In fact, I suddenly had a lot of quiet time to think, and I reviewed the situation objectively”.

How did the turnaround happen?

What was the turning point?

Simple answer: Attitude!

First lesson: Focus on solutions and not on the problem.

Here are a few coaching tips from the book: “Trump – Never Give up; How I turned my biggest challenges into success”by Donald Trump (written with Meridith Mclever)

A lot of success depends on how well you can handle pressure. It may seem like a hard fact of life, and it is, but there is something you can do about it. Envision yourself as victorious. Focus on that instead of your nagging doubts and fears. Focus on objective insights and solutions. Pressure can diminish and disappear when you clobber it with a positive attitude. Even if you don’t feel indomitable, act that way for a while. It helps!

In summary: Strive for wholeness, believe in yourself, keep your momentum at full throttle, and be strong and tough in your resilience. Don’t expect anything less than that from yourself, and I can assure you that success will become a permanent situation for you, even when your external circumstances may not show it.

Never Give Up!

Your thoughts?



4 Responses to "Never give up!"

He is right, its about Attitude. Every successful man in todays world gives the same tip for succes whether Bill Gates or Warran Buffet.

For those of us who are not that into reading, “Apprentice” is a very good reality show by Donald Trump. The show is based upon a competition among 16 people, 8 girls and 8 guys, with varying backgrounds; some from highly prestigious educational institutions, some with excellent business skills.

And those who have already seen the show, to them I would recommend the above book. You will definitely enjoy it!!

Malik Sahib, I am great fan of Donald Trump. I read The Art of Deal and The Art of Survival many years ago. He is awesome.

Thanks for your comments Ashraf Sb – If you have time, you can write some thing on the Art of Deal and I would be happy to post it on my blog under your authorship

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