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Who can change you?

Posted on: May 6, 2010


Mary Kay Ash, who created the Mary Kay Cosmetics empire, once said, “You can eat an elephant………………………

one bite at a time.”

The book “The Art of organizing anything” is based on ten organizing principle, each one aimed to help us review our existing habits, identify the need for change and then take small steps to improve by organizing ourselves. Perhaps one of the most important principles from the book is: BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND!

How can a person change oneself?

There is a nice story narrated to me by a trainer.

Once upon a time, there was a zen monk who was living in a rural mountainous area. He decided to see the urban life. So he went to New York and started selling hot dogs at Wall Street. At Lunch Time, a banker approached the monk and asked for a hot dog. The monk said: What would you like to include in the hot dog? The banker responded: Include every thing. The monk prepared a hotdog and added all the spices. The Bank ate the hot dog and then asked: How much should I pay? Monk responded: US $ 2 only. The Banker gave US $ 10 note. The monk, being a very decent and refined person, thanked the banker, folded the note and with all respect, placed it in his pocket.

The Banker said: you told me that hot dog costs US $ 2.

The monk said: Yes Sir

The banker said: So, I gave you US $ 10.

The monk said: Yes Sir

The Banker asked: Where is the change?

The monk humbly responded:

Sir, the CHANGE comes from WITHIN!!

So, if you need to change your self, be your best friend and you will see the change coming from within.

Quotable quote from the book:

“Neither situations nor people can be altered by the interference of an outsider. If they are to be altered, that alteration must come from within”. —PHYLLIS BOTTOME (1943)

The author states that Start thinking of yourself as your new best friend. For example, before you leave the office at night, you’ll straighten up your desk, shove the papers together in some approximate order, leave your list for the next day in the center of your desk, and push in your chair.When you come in the next morning, you’re going to be a happy camper and you will think: Who was the nice person who did this for you?

You plant a garden one flower at a time. … You write a book one word at a time, clean a closet one shelf at a time, run a marathon one step at a time. If you feel defeated by some large task, get your spade and dig the first hole.                                                                       JEANNE MARIE LASKAS (2007)

To change, pick up any one habit and just do it!

Your thoughts?


13 Responses to "Who can change you?"

Nice story, what a great lesson

good idea keep on searching…………

Thanks for your comments – I would add: Keep on searching till you find the light!

wisdom indeed, all u need is inside of you….

No the monk is a smart man!!..good one and yes change indeed comes from within from around.

Nice message Malik Mirza. “Change comes from within!” 🙂

Wisdom indeed.

nice article

The only man in the world whom you can trust is
you your self.

Good read. LOL @ Hotdog story. I should have tried that for all my jobs during college years. Would have made fortune by now.

the idea is good..

A good thought. The blog is good.

However, i was amazed to see your picture. You changed a lot man..!! We both studied in CFMS for CA – Inter. But don’t worry, i guess, i’m also changed in the same proportion.

The blog is great giving lot of good messages to people and helping them develop the positive attitude. even in the worse conditions of Pakistan.

Highly appreciate your work!

Nice reading.

Nice story

but the banker, I am sure, has lost US $08.

Its really a wonderful idea to bring in a change…….one step at a time…..slowly it can bring out the desired results. I really like this idea & very keen to apply it in my life.

Thanx for the tip

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