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Delays are not God’s denials!

Posted on: April 22, 2010


Success is result of good judgement; Good judgement is result of experience; and Experience is often the result of bad judgement! – Anthony Robins

In 1938, Mr. Honda was a poor student who had a dream of designing a piston ring that he would sell to and manufacture for Toyota Corporation. In day time, he went to school and at night, he made pistons for Toyota. He spent all the money he had. He sold his wife’s jewelry for making the piston. Finally he made the piston.

He was happy that he achieved what he wanted to achieve. He presented the piston to Toyota. Toyota rejected the piston. What happened next?

 Was Mr. Honda frustrated? Obviously! Was he broke? Yes

Did he quit? No

Instead, he spent the next two years continuing to find ways to make the piston ring better.  He had the key formula to success:

1. He decided what he wanted.

2. He took action.

3. He noticed whether it was working or not, and when things weren’t working out,

4. He kept changing his approach. He was flexible in the way he went about things.

Finally, after two more years, he refined his design, and Toyota actually bought it!

In order to build his piston factory, Mr. Honda needed concrete, but the Japanese government was gearing up for World War II, so none was available. Once again, it looked as if his dream would die. It seemed no one would help him. Again, did he quit? Absolutely not.


He had decided to build this factory. Since giving up was not an option, he got together a group of his friends, and for weeks they worked around the clock trying different approaches until they found a new way to manufacture concrete. He built his factory and was finally able to produce his piston rings. That’s not the end of the story. During world war II, Mr. Honda’s factory was bombed by US planes. Mr. Honda lost every thing. Now what?

Instead of giving up and saying, “There’s no way” he came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to write a letter to every single bicycle-shop owner in Japan, telling them that he thought he had the solution Japan moving again, that his motorbike would be cheap and would help people get where they needed to go. Then he asked them to invest. 

Of the 18,000 bicycle-shop owners who received a letter, 3,000 gave Mr. Honda money, and he manufactured his first shipment. And then he was a success, right?


The motorbike was too big and bulky, and very few Japanese bought it. So once again, he noticed what wasn’t working, and instead of giving up, he changed his approach again. He decided to strip his motorbike down and make it much lighter and smaller. He called it The Cub, and it became an “overnight success,” winning Honda the Emperor’s Award. Everyone looked at him and thought how “lucky” he was to have come up with this idea. 

Was he lucky? Maybe, if L.U.C.K. means Labor Under Correct Knowledge. Today, Mr. Honda’s company is one of the most successful in the world. Honda Corporation now employs over 100,000 people and outsells all but Toyota cars in the U.S.-all because Mr. Honda never gave up. He never let problems or circumstances get in his way. He decided that there is always a way to succeed if you’re really committed!

“Ultimately, our decisions determine our destiny and not our conditions”- Anthony Robbins

Above is from Mr. Anthony Robbin’s Book: Notes from a Friend, a really short and very interesting book to be read. An interesting clip from youtube to learn more ideas from Mr. Robbins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah5HmQZwdtM&feature=related

Your thoughts?

You can buy this little book from Notes from a Friend: A Quick and Simple Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life


16 Responses to "Delays are not God’s denials!"

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very nice…Malik sb keep it up

Thanks Usman sb for appreciation

its really nice and inspiring


Realy a gr8 appreciation to all and specialy to those who are facing failures failures and failures

yeah but Honda’s brakes don’t work!

Hi Malik,

Its really inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks a lot for visiting and your comments. Kindly spread the word about the blog to others. Thanks again

Very inspiring.

Malik, i want to congratulate you on setting up this blog. You have done a great job. I am sure that we will all benefit with your expertise in the field of current affairs, arts, fiction, mystery, accounting, business, economics and english literature.

Best of luck!

A wonderful story. Though I ve read it before but it never fails to inspire and energize.

We might be able to associate ourselves with Mr Honda too. We might be trying something which is failing again and again. Perhaps this is nature’s way to test people who leave a mark in history!

Thanks Malik bhai for sharing this story, lots of inspiration to learn from Honda’s life experience and his unwavering aspirations towards achievement of his goal.

This was really great to read.I appreciate your work.

Thanks for your comments and appreciation

Indeed very inspiring.

Thanks for your comments Hammad Sb

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